Best HR Software Systems for Small Businesses

Best HR Software for Small BusinessWhen your small business HR needs outgrow your back office, it’s time to switch from manual spreadsheets and processes to a more robust approach. But finding the right software system can seem daunting. If you try to do the research on your own, you face hours and hours of sifting, sorting, comparing, and watching demos to find the right vendor. Knowing which vendors to research can be almost as overwhelming as sorting through the long lists of features they offer.

To make that process easier for you, we’ve put together a quick snapshot of three leading HR software providers for small businesses. Any one of these systems will give you a great handle on your day-to-day HR processes, leaving more time to do the things that really matter to you—like grow your business.



BambooHR believes that HR is for the people, not the paperwork. This company proudly markets itself specifically to small businesses as a solution that helps you transition from spreadsheets to a functional, flexible core HRIS system. Their greatest strengths, however lie in their user-friendly, engaging interface and performance management capabilities.

Here’s what you’ll love about BambooHR:

  • Onboarding tools designed for people, not processes
  • Employee engagement using strategic branding and intuitive tools
  • Flexible performance management based on current best practices
  • Customizable fields, tables, tabs, and user groups
  • 100% user friendly
  • Integrates with other applicant tracking and payroll services

The Bottom Line: BambooHR is well-suited for small business owners who like to know the nitty-gritty details about their business, but who also want a top notch user experience that’s intuitive and engaging.


If you’re looking for a deep, powerful HR solution that has the capacity to scale as your business grows, look no further. Ascentis is designed for small to mid-size businesses and makes it possible to automate processes like employee data management and benefits.

Here’s what you’ll love about Ascentis:

  • High impact benefits management
  • Rich ATS with capabilities like saved searches that will tag applicants who meet your requirements
  • Time and attendance rules-base calculation
  • Position-based organizational charts to streamline succession planning
  • Flexible learning management software (LMS)
  • Touch-optimized mobile experience

The Bottom Line: Ascentis serves small and medium sized businesses that need room to grow. Deep, rich features offer the capabilities you need and the flexibility to customize.


SentricWorkforce offers a fully-configurable HR module with time management, payroll, recruitment, and mobile capabilities. It centralizes your core HR data, processes, and documents and lets you customize them to fit the way you work. Sentric’s goal is to simplify your HR needs so you can grow your business.

Here’s what you’ll love about Sentric:

  • Employee engagement that gives the right data to the right people
  • Process automation to streamline your workflow
  • Simple, powerful recruitment tools designed to bring the right candidates on board
  • Mobile capabilities
  • Easy access to documents, employee information, and HR data in one centralized location
  • Reduces time spent managing data so you can grow your business

The Bottom Line: Simplification is Sentric's forte. From payroll management to benefits administration and compliance, this software aims to automate as many processes as possible so you can get back to the real job of maintaining and growing your business.

Let Us Do the Research For You

We know it’s tough to sort through the many HR software options on the market. Researching features, watching demos, and creating your short list can eat up hours and hours of your time.

That’s why we created the HRIS Comparison Tool. Our tool gives you a complete run-down of the features and options available and lets you rate them according to the needs of your business. With the click of a button, you can get a custom short list of vendors that match your requirements and see how they compare with each other.

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