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When developing no stone was left unturned. We started out with a lofty goal of creating the best online tool to assist HR professionals with their selection of HR Software Products. From the very beginning our goal has been to offer users and HR software vendors much more than any of our predecessors, at a lower cost, and with superior customer service.

Non-Biased, Highly Qualified HR Software Leads is a triumph for HR professionals and HR Software vendors alike. Human resource managers and staff using our HRIS Software Selection tool take a 20-minute survey in which they choose the features they require and weigh the importance of each. Whether the customer is searching for HR Payroll Software, a complete HRIS package, or any other type of Human Resource Management Software (HRMS), our selection tool presents them with the HR software products that best meet their needs. The customer then simply chooses to receive a free trial of those that interest them the most.

This simple process is what makes our leads more highly qualified than anything else you are likely to get from your web marketing budget. Our non-biased HRIS Software Selection tool makes recommendations based directly upon what the customer requires. Any salesperson will tell you that this type of referred or recommended lead is always the easiest to close because the features of the product better match the needs of the customer. Your sales people will have the advantage of this knowledge with every HR software lead they receive from our service.

"Yes, just coming off Tec Evaluation Center (; Have also used, Capterra, and one or two others over the years. You provide better lead quality; more information and we’ve even gotten ROI out of it – a 4,000 ee account"

Experience in the HR Software Industry Matters

The President of worked in the HR software industry for fifteen years before creating No other lead service can match our industry experience and knowledge. We know the industry, and we asked its professionals for their input when designing every aspect of our service. We firmly believe that we now offer the best tool on the market to assist HR managers and staff with making an HRIS buying decision. Test it out and tell us what you think!

" Strength 1: Highly targeted market segment. Strength 2: Provides education value to viewers. Strength 3: creating, forward-looking, and dynamic presence on the web."

Why your future HR software Customers will use

There is nothing online that compares with Take a look at the site through the eyes of your prospects. Customers have multiple ways to compare HR software products on Our HRIS Systems Selection tool is the most comprehensive and uses a survey that takes about twenty minutes to complete. Customers respond to a wide variety of questions, choosing which features they are interested in and weighing their importance. Upon completing the survey, a report shows the five HRIS products that come closest to the customer’s needs and ranks them according to the importance assigned to each feature. The customer may then choose to receive a free trail of any recommended products. When we refer one of these leads - which we call our premium leads – to a vendor, all information from the customer’s survey is included; this ensures that your salespeople know exactly what the customer is interested in.

We also offer what we refer to as gold leads, which are leads generated from a HR Software products quick search of our products page. Here customers can sort, filter, and compare our entire product list quickly and easily. While not as comprehensive as our software selection tool, the quick product search is an excellent option for the many customers who don’t currently have time to complete the full survey.

"BuyerZone, Tippit, Venture Direct, amongst other – All very different models. It’s difficult to compare. I like your model in that we receive detailed prospect information which assists us in meeting their expectations and HR needs."

Detailed HR Software Market Analysis Reports

Because we have created a comprehensive database of HR product features and options, we are able to report a variety of valuable information to our vendors. On a quarterly cycle we offer summary reports that show the number of times each feature has been selected and the overall weighting prospective customers found most desirable. This is as in-depth of a market analysis as you will find, provided at a very reasonable cost.

"We just started with 2020 Software and TEC. We were so satisfied with that we thought we’d give these others a try too. It is too early to compare since it has only been a week."

Contact Us for Pricing and Contract Terms

Our goal is to be the price and value leader in the HRIS industry. Early on we realized that would be beneficial to customers only if a large number of vendors offer their products on our site. With that in mind we have created several different pricing options designed to meet a variety of budget requirements.

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