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Powerful Integrated HCM Solutions
for the Mid-Market

Ascentis is a leading provider of online HCM (human capital management) software solutions providing organizations powerful systems to easily manage their workforce while maintaining compliance with federal mandates. Ascentis helps HR and payroll departments increase accuracy, reduce compliance risk, save time and boost productivity by streamlining and automating critical processes that span the entire employee lifecycle. 

Ascentis solutions include applicant tracking and onboarding, HRIS, benefits management, self-service, electronic carrier connection, talent management, payroll, time and attendance, time clocks, tax filing services and built-in benchmarking. Ascentis is available as a single, comprehensive HCM solution or can be purchased as separate modules that integrate with other solutions.

Ascentis HCM is integrated with the NetSuite platform.

Key Benefits

  • Increases employee engagement and satisfaction through self-service functionality
  • Supports online enrollment, saving HR departments time, eliminating unnecessary paperwork, and increasing the accuracy and speed of the process
  • Delivers enrollment data directly to carriers, eliminating billing errors and inadvertent overpayments
  • Reduces risk and manages ACA compliance with powerful reporting tools
  • Automates the hiring and on-boarding process through a branded candidate portal, social media and RSS feeds
  • Processes payroll in real-time, reducing processing time and ensuring 100% accuracy, flexibility and control
  • Develops talent and empowers high-performers by aligning their goals with company initiatives
  • Controls costs by automating the labor management process
  • Employs top-notch, U.S.-based customer service team with dedicated customer service representatives who are responsive, personable and knowledgeable
  • Built-in benchmarking data allows companies to see how they compare to others in their industry and demographics, in key areas such as salaries and benefits spend
  • Total cost of ownership is reduced through fixed-pricing plans and low implementation fees. 
  • Powerful integration technology supports ultimate flexibility in module purchasing options – one, two or all modules can be implemented with integration to other solutions

Ascentis Software Solutions and Services

Applicant Tracking

Attract, recruit, qualify, hire and on-board the best people with Ascentis Recruiting. This comprehensive recruiting solution increases the quality of your workforce by reducing the cost-of-hire, and supports applicant portals that can be delivered directly to your website for ultimate corporate branding and control, making you an employer-of-choice.

Human Resources Management Software (HRIS/HRMS)

Ascentis HR is an easy-to-use solution that provides organizations the ability to manage employee data and benefits enrollment, with a single point of data entry. Wizard-driven workflows automate complex processes and user-defined fields track and report on any unique data. Hundreds of standard reports offer optimal business insight.

Manager and Employee Self-Service

Ascentis Self-Service portals provide managers and employees secure and immediate access to critical information while reducing the administrative and transactional workload for HR and payroll staff. Employees have immediate access to their personal HR, benefits and payroll information via the web, where they can request time-off and make benefits enrollment selections. Managers access up-to-date information for better decision making, such as employee job, compensation and leave history.

Talent Management

The Ascentis Performance Tuning process streamlines the professional development of employees by integrating performance and learning management, allowing managers to fine-tune performance in real-time. Ascentis empowers employees by delivering the training they need most, and rewarding them for developing new competencies. Ascentis Talent Management includes performance and learning management, compensation planning, 360 assessment and succession planning.

Carrier Connect Services

The Ascentis Carrier Connect service automatically – and electronically – sends enrollment selection data from Ascentis HR to benefits carriers. This ensures that the benefits information carriers have on file is accurate and up-to-date. Because carrier information is continually updated and accurate, billing errors and inadvertent overpayments are eliminated, saving companies thousands of dollars every year. Carrier Connect is the key to a completely paperless enrollment process.
Payroll Processing

Ascentis Payroll processes payroll in real-time, providing 100% accuracy, flexibility and control. With live processing and instantaneous auditing, Ascentis can reduce payroll processing time by as much as 30%. Ascentis allows for payroll runs at anytime, anywhere, and as many times as required to ensure complete accuracy. There is no need to transmit data to a processing center, no batch uploads and no transmission windows. Ascentis Payroll is synchronized with Ascentis HR and can interface with Ascentis Timekeeper or other time and attendance systems.

Tax Services

Focus on more critical priorities by taking advantage of Ascentis’ convenient and cost effective tax filing services. Ascentis handles all federal, state and local tax calculations, payments and filings. Ascentis can also prepare and distribute W-2s for all employees and 1099s can be printed as well. Ascentis documents all work performed to support audit requirements and assumes responsibility for the accuracy of returns and the timely deposit of funds.
Time and Attendance

Ascentis Timekeeper offers state-of-the-art technology and timekeeping software for companies of all sizes. With robust workforce management software and wide selection of data collection devices, supervisors and managers gain transparency and control of their workforce with a dashboard view that shows them attendance exceptions, time-off requests, daily punch headcount, and much more.