Chasing the HCM Unicorn: A Simple 3-Step Plan for Buying HR Tech

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“Buying HR software is fast and easy!” Said no one ever. Shopping for software takes time, intense effort, and the equivalent of a master’s degree in research. It’s like chasing a unicorn—that magical, mythical creature that probably doesn’t exist, but—wow, it sure would be awesome if it did. The ideal HR software platform will help… Read More

HRIS Certification – What’s it Worth to You?

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As HR technology continues to evolve, practitioners need to understand not only the functionalities of the software they use every day, but also how to derive the most benefit from emerging capabilities. Managers need a qualified support staff that can quickly adapt to software changes and leverage those new features to add value to the HR department… Read More

HR Tech Trends Driving Changes In Performance Management

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In February’s issue of HR Magazine, Josh Bersin published an article about 9 HR tech trends that will transform the market over the next year. The article talked about how the shift from cloud to mobile combined with new technology such as AI and wearables has altered the way we think about HR in the workplace…. Read More

Six Non-Negotiables to Consider Before You Buy HCM Software

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How do you know when it’s time to buy HCM software? Answer: When the inefficiencies and redundancies start costing you money, resources, and morale. As your business grows and changes, old processes can’t keep pace with the new requirements of your workforce—and that means lost productivity and frustrated employees. Often, the solution is better software,… Read More

New Research on How to Foster Happier, More Committed Employees

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Every employer can benefit from a more positive, committed, and engaged workforce. This means going beyond meeting the basic needs of your employees and figuring out what really drives their fulfillment on the job. In this exclusive live webcast, learn how to apply powerful new research from The Center for Generational Kinetics by focusing on… Read More

5 Ways Bad Managers Undermine Employee Engagement

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Recently I talked to a friend who shared with me some struggles she encountered with her manager at work. When she went to the manager with a problem, he brushed aside her concern and she was met with radio silence for the next 3 months. Needless to say, this caused a fair amount of frustration as… Read More

Why Job Hopping Is Good For Your Company Culture

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Does culture matter in the workplace? Consider this job hopping stat: 36% of job seekers said they changed jobs because they were unhappy with the company culture. And what about all the employees who kept slogging along, but hated clocking in for work every day? Savvy marketers have built whole industries around luring dissatisfied workers… Read More

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