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BambooHR, software optimized for
small and medium businesses

There comes a point when managing human resources with spreadsheets and paper forms just doesn’t cut it.  The solution is HR software, but most HR software is over-complicated and way too expensive for small and medium businesses.  BambooHR was built as an affordable way for small and medium businesses to get out of spreadsheets and into robust HR software.  BambooHR is the best HR software for small and medium businesses for the following five reasons:

  • MUCH better than spreadsheets and paper forms
  • The RIGHT features for small and medium businesses
  • Easiest-to-use HR software
  • Price/Performance Leader
  • Unparalleled Support

BambooHR is much better than spreadsheets, because it centralizes all employee data and grants employees and managers remote secure access to that data (personal information, time off, benefits, and training). This empowers employees and managers to view, update, and securely manage select employee data independently, freeing HR from countless service calls and emails.

The RIGHT features include time-off, training, and benefits tracking with employee and manager self- service.  BambooHR also has the flexibility of customization for needs specific to the organization, and the ability to integrate seamlessly with other management tools such as payroll or performance management.

BambooHR’s interface is clean, fast, and efficient. Try it out, and you’ll find it to be the easiest-to-use HR software there is. The tools tab puts powerful import and export capabilities at your fingertips. Reports can be generated with a few clicks of the mouse, customized fields can be created in seconds, dashboard layout can be adjusted with drag and drop capabilities, and pie charts make interpreting data a breeze.

Combining BambooHR’s robust SMB centric feature set, ease-of-use, and competitive pricing makes it the price/performance leader for small and medium businesses.  Outside of an affordable one-time setup fee and the low monthly subscription, there are no other charges.  BambooHR constantly releases updates and new features automatically and for free.  There’s no charge for extra administrators, customization, or support.

BambooHR takes pride in providing the absolute best support for customers from day one. Every business is entitled to affordable and comprehensive implementation, free email and phone support, as well as unlimited how-to and informative resources such as white papers, video tutorials, and webinars.

Here are a few resources to help you learn more:

Key Features

Applicant Tracking System (ATS):  Our ATS is a surprisingly simple way to reach more qualified candidates and track, share and evaluate their applicant information. Plus, our ATS module works hand in hand with our HR software, so you can enter data once and you're done.

Customization: The real highlight, at least our clients tell us, of BambooHR is our flexible customization options.  From your own logo and color scheme, down to individual fields, tabs, and even tables – we create your system.  Common tabs include Licenses, Assets, Education, Grievances, etc. Almost every page is modular and can be organized based on the way you run your HR department.

Attendance/PTO: System easily maps to your policies for accruals, carryover, etc. Track FMLA, PTO, comp time, bereavement, and more. Employees can request and managers can approve it all online.

Alerts: Both our pre-set and customizable alerts let you, the manager, and employees know about due dates for benefit eligibility, training renewals and expirations, and performance review due dates. There’s even a birthday and anniversary alert.

Training: A definite highlight of BambooHR is our training tracking module – with renewal and expired training alerts, easily reportable, holds historical training data, and is custom to your needs.

Online Document Storage: Keep company forms, applications, training docs, health forms, employee handbooks, performance reviews and more in your own secure, online system.

Benefit Tracking: Easily track and manage eligibility and enrollment dates, plans and coverages, and employee and company contributions.  We track the history as well, and of course we have eligibility alerts.

Reporting: "Now I can do a report in 5 minutes that used to take a week."  Our drag and drop report creator lets you create reports rapidly and export into PDF, Excel, or CSV. The filtering capability lets you really drill down to get the data you need.  We also have a robust report library which includes turnover, additions and terms, last pay change, salary history, benefit eligibility, EEO1, and more.

Dashboard: Central location of key data such as employee statistics and more. Modular and customizable to meet your company’s look and feel.

Employee Self-Service: Give on-demand access to employees to access their information from anywhere with an Internet connection. Request time off, review benefits, track training, and more.

Custom Manager Self-Service: We actually call it Multi-User Access, because you can custom create access levels for any manager or employee.  Select what you want that person to see, assign them that access level, and VOILA!  There is no charge for the number of users either.

Tools: We have built several tools that help HR change and manage data faster...such us our Power Edit Tool, and our Import Wizard. We make data administration easy.