Grow Your Midmarket Company With Scalable HR Software

Best HR Software to Grow Your Mid Marketing CompanyMidmarket companies need an HR solution that can scale with them as they grow. There are plenty of solutions out there that claim to serve companies of any size, but how do you know if they truly have the capabilities you need?

Decision makers will want to see plenty of details and careful consideration of the various solutions on the market as part of your business case. But researching all your options can take a significant time investment, and you still may not know exactly which system can best meet the requirements of your business.

That’s why we’ve put together a brief snapshot of two HR software vendors that cater specifically to mid-size companies with scalable solutions, automated processes, and engaging tools.


Criterion: Modern HCM for Midmarket Companies

Criterion’s platform targets mid-market companies that want a comprehensive HR solution with deep functionality and a top-notch user experience. They offer core HR, payroll, benefits administration, and full mobile capabilities. But it’s their customization and engagement tools that make this company truly shine.

Criterion Dashboard

Here’s what you’ll love about Criterion:

  • The dashboard—The fully customizable dashboard (pictured above) gives users the ability to add metrics and charts as needed to monitor key data points.
  • Comprehensive customization—Almost every element of the software can be customized, including forms, fields, reports, dashboards, labels, badges, and more.
  • Engaging user experience—The clean, fresh interface includes intuitive design, natural navigation, and single-source database for an exceptional user experience.
  • Employee self-service—The employee self-service page stands out with easily accessible resources and inviting design. Changes to personal information automatically alert managers for review, and employees can manage benefits, time off requests, pay stubs, and personal information all from one page.
  • Comprehensive core HR—Criterion has based their software functionality and design on 30 years of customer feedback. The result is deep functionality, seamless integration, and streamlined workflow across all modules.
  • Benefits plan formula—The flexible benefits plan formula allows managers to set criteria for which employees see which plans. For example, employees in different locations might see different options based on the requirements for that state.
  • Geolocation for Time/Attendance—Geolocation functionality tracks an employee’s physical location when he or she logs in. This is a perfect solution for employees who work in different branches or who work from home.

The Bottom Line: Criterion has one of the best user interfaces on the market. It packages deep functionality and comprehensive data in a user-friendly format so users can find what they need and manage workflow efficiently.

SyncHR: Designed to Be Different

SyncHR markets their fully automated HR platform as a dynamic, scalable solution for fast-growing companies. They also have industry-specific solutions for multiple verticals including technology, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, and retail.

SyncHR Org Chart

Here’s what you’ll love about SyncHR:

  • Position-centric organizational charts—View org charts based on positions, not individuals. The system also allows you to view historical relationships based on a specific date.
  • Full automation—Define custom rules to automate workflow processes and increase efficiency.
  • Drag-and-drop editing—Edit reports quickly and simply by adding fields, filters, and groups with the drag-and-drop editor.
  • Date-based relational data—View related data for any date to gain a comprehensive perspective on any piece of information. You can also use effective dating to back-date or future-date information.
  • Learning management—Create your own training courses or use off-the-shelf modules to facilitate employee growth and development. You can also auto-enroll new hires into required training courses as part of the onboarding program.

The Bottom Line: SyncHR is designed to grow with your company. They have built an efficient, automated solution that gives you flexible control over processes and data.

Let Us Do the Research For You

The options on the market can be overwhelming. We get it. That’s why we created our HRIS Comparison Tool. It’s a comprehensive survey tool that uses a series of detailed questions to match you with your ideal software company.

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