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Modern HCM Software Solutions
for Midmarket

CriterionHCM, developed specifically for the mid-market, offers our clients a robust, feature rich solution historically only found in the enterprise marketplace. Designed from the ground up using State-of-the-Art technologies, CriterionHCM is comprehensive yet scalable.

Starting with a single, unified database, CriterionHCM consolidates all of your crucial workforce information into a single database instance for more effective and timely HCM decision-making. It is available in multiple languages and currencies. And, can be accessed with any browser currently available.

CriterionHCM’s open technology integrates seamlessly with other existing tools and systems for easier and more accurate data exchange. But, we didn’t stop there. You can have fields, forms and workflows configured specifically for your organization’s use, so it is truly your system. Since these are configurations, none of these changes impact long term usage or upgrades.

Deep Functionality, Open Ethos, Sensible Product and Beautiful Design.

CriterionHCM starts with core Human Resources, your system of record, which includes Benefits Management (and, Open Enrollment) with optional Carrier Connectivity; Timekeeping through timesheets using browsers, smart phones, or tablets and time clocks; Employee/Manager Self-Service;
Learning Management and Position Control. Additional functionality includes Payroll, Recruiting/Applicant Tracking, and Performance Management.

CriterionHCM was designed and built based on our 30 years of experience providing HR solutions to the mid-market; as well as continual feedback from our client base.

Delivered either as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and hosted by Criterion; or on-premises (behind-the-firewall) as a subscription per employee per month, CriterionHCM gives your organization the tools for greater accuracy and efficiency with clear cost savings by empowering your people to do more, more easily.

The complete HR, Payroll and Recruiting software that is truly and delightfully your own.

CriterionHCM brings you:

  1. A state-of-the-art platform and comprehensive suite of HCM solutions that were developed specifically for the needs of mid-sized companies.
  2. The elegant user experience, depth of functionality and quality typically found only in enterprise solutions.
  3. The solution that was built from and is continually improved by real-world experience and use cases ... along with feedback from users, clients, and partners.
  4. A team of passionate industry veterans -- men and women who devote their every effort to delighting our clients and continually improving our solutions.
  5. The experience of providing the HCM needs of the mid-market for more than 30 years.
  6. And, the responsiveness to client needs and functional issues with speed and a sense of urgency that other companies don't come close to.

Our Product Suite:

Core Human Resources

  • A system of record
    • Document Storage
    • Configurable Forms
    • Configurable Fields
    • Configurable Workflows
  • Benefits administration and open enrollment
  • Position Control
  • Org Charting
  • Timekeeping
    • Time Off Plans/Requests
    • Calendars
  • Employee Scheduling
    • One-time and Recurring Shifts
    • Single or Multi-employee Shifts
    • Skill and Certification Shift Requirements
    • Shift Assignment by Seniority and Overtime
    • Employee Availability Blocking
    • Required Shift Coverage based on Population Count
    • Mobile Access
  • Analytics, KPIs, and robust reporting
  • Employee & Manager Self-Service
    • Open Enrollment
    • Optional Performance Reviews
    • Company Messaging Board
    • Uploading of Employment Documentation as well as electronic signature 
  • Learning Management
    • Certifications with Expiration dating (and, alerts)


  • Complete Payroll Processing
    • Interactive Grid design for mass uploads or pre-payroll run edits
  • User Defined Incomes and Deductions
  • Automated Tax Discovery
  • Multi-Task Labor Distribution (unlimited)

Performance Management

  • Multiple form designs
    • Self-Reviews
    • Interactive reviews between Manager & Direct Report
    • 360 comprehensive reviews
    • Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs)
    • Reporting for completion status
  • Multiple Rating Scales
    • Scales specific to Competencies v. Goals
  • Writing Assistance
    • Help with "writer's block"

Recruiting/Applicant Tracking

  • Position Control for Budgeting & Head Count Reporting
  • Job Descriptions
  • Job Postings
    • Home Jobs Page, Social Media, Job Boards
  • Applicant tracking through the interview process
  • Optional Background Checks