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It's About Time

We believe in lighter workloads and time to stretch your legs.
We believe good work is not the same as hard work.
We believe everyone’s time is valuable.

And we believe work-life balance starts at your screen. That’s why SyncHR is changing how HCM technology works.

Because it’s about time.

SyncHR is the only HCM technology leader offering a cost-effective, enterprise-worthy HR, benefits, and payroll platform for mid-sized businesses, because no one should have to choose between affordability and premium functionality.

Our HCM solution saves time and reduces expenses because we’ve made centralized, interrelated data easy to access, correct, and analyze through one easy-to-use platform.

Work-life balance just tipped in your favor.

Why syncHR


 Streamline HR Administration with One Event-Driven Solution

  • SyncHR is a single application designed from the ground up that gives equal weight to HR, Payroll and Benefit functions.
  • By combining classic HR capabilities with innovative cloud application technology, our fully integrated workforce, payroll, tax & benefits management system fits within a single application and single database.
  • This object oriented design ensures maximum configurability. We automatically align to your business processes, instead of necessitating you to conform to our system as most other vendors require, providing accurate, real-time data to decision-makers. 

 syncHR technology features


SyncHR boasts two technology patents that have redefined how businesses interact with HCM systems. Our Time Relational Database creates a self-aware application with no pre-defined relationships. We take point-in-time reporting to an unparalleled level by not only maintaining record history, but also the relationships with other records in history.

It’s this kind of technology that allows us to automatically calculate mid-period rate changes and process automated retroactive payroll changes without any human intervention. Time sensitive data relationships are leveraged to create a self-aware application, dynamically managing security profiles and workflow routing.


  • Interactive reports are embedded throughout our entire application, giving you the flexible, business intelligence you need.
  • SyncHR’s real-time ad-hoc report writer enables users to view the database at any point in time and understand the impact of all past, current, future, and proposed transactions in an instant.
  • Reports can be exported to almost any format, and viewed graphically or in a tabular format.
  • Perform all of your what-if scenarios and manipulation of data directly within syncHR, therefore increasing data integrity and reducing administration time.

We’ll automatically scale and adapt to your needs so you can effectively manage your business.

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