HRIS help from Human Resource Software Tech Support Departments

How to get the most help from HRIS tech support Departments

This advice, while directed toward HRIS support help, can and should be applied to any system you are seeking technical help on. As the user of the HRIS, there are steps you should take to resolve any problems you may be having with your HR Management System.

Research your HRIS problem

I always advise customers to try and find the answer or solution first before contacting tech support. The benefit of doing so is by reading help files, online knowledge bases or trying to test the issue, you are becoming more informed about the problem itself. You may find the answer yourself and in the process learn a considerable amount about the application, or at the very least, if you end up having to contact tech support, you are familiar enough with the problem to accurately describe the problem.

Using the HRIS Help File to find the solution

Almost all applications on the market, and every HRIS product I have seen, have an internal help menu. Become familiar with it and use it. You will be amazed how helpful it can be once you get used to it. The easiest way to find the answer you need is to use the index. Your software product company may also offer an online knowledge base. If you receive an error or need a formula for a benefit plan, these tools can be invaluable.

Time to make the HRIS help call

It can be intimidating calling tech support departments. This is why it is imperative that you have as complete knowledge as possible on the issue. It’s easier on the tech support rep and on you. Once you have researched the problem, you will be far more effective at explaining it and be that much more likely to receive the solution you are seeking.

HRIS Help from Tech Support - Tips and Secrets

Many companies have their least experienced reps answer the phones. These people have likely worked at the company for less time than you have used the system and may know far less about the Employee Management Software than you do. They are going to look for a solution in the help file and the knowledge base. They are new so they won’t just know the answer. So, they are going to go through the exact steps you have already gone through. If they are unable to answer your question, they may ask you to try something and then call back. This is another reason why you have gone through the help file and through the knowledge base, so you can say you have already tried these options. The most important thing here is to get past the front line rep and get to the second tier to find your answer. If the front line rep knows that you have researched the problem and tried what the help file and knowledge base suggested, often times they will automatically advance your issue to the senior support rep if they are unable to answer your question; which is your goal.
Install all HRIS updates

HR software companies constantly update their systems to correct bugs, add functionality and conform to the latest government compliance issues. Thus, it’s very important that you install these updates as you receive them. You may find at some point that the issue you are having may have been resolved in an update you have yet to install.

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