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Every Wednesday at 2:00 pm EST, we provide a HR management system buying tips webinar. I run the webinar myself and try to provide helpful tips and advice for those searching for a new Human Resource management system. The webinars are free of charge and no sales pitch is made. The vendors pay to be listed on the site so every tool or service we offer is 100% free to those who use the site. I look at it as I am just an additional free resource. I’m sure you have read it somewhere else on the site but before creating I sold, implemented, and supported Human Resource management systems for over 15 years. During those 15 years, I think I encountered just about every issue that has come up with selecting a HR system.

The process of selecting HR management systems is not easy. There is a ton of products on the market all of which, on the surface, can look very similar yet are completely different. Then there are the options, the prices, hosted or purchase questions, support and implementation costs. I know the process is not easy and that is why I created For someone just beginning the process, it can appear extremely challenging.

The first thing I cover in the webinar is a few tips and suggestions on how to use the tools provided by our site to find a short list of products you should examine in greater detail.  Here are a few of the tools I cover:

Buyers Guide
HRIS quick product search
HRIS selection tool
Free HRIS RFP template
And our extensive HRIS article database

After reviewing how to use the site, I turn the webinar into an open question format. I have found this is the most helpful forum for those researching HR systems because someone else may, in fact, ask a question that you may have wanted to ask yourself and get the answers to other questions you may have not thought to ask. In a recent webinar, I had two individuals who worked in the same state in the same type of industry who had very specific questions regarding reports they needed created. They were able to exchange numbers in the webinar and assist each other with what they had each learned.

As you have seen on, we have a tremendous library of articles related to selecting, implementing, and supporting HR management systems. Many of the article ideas are gained directly from questions and thoughts that come out of these webinars. I hope to see you in one soon.

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