Employee Management Software Popular Features

Employee Management Software Industry Market Analysis

Since we published our website in February of 2008, we have been collecting data on those who have completed our HRIS Selection Tool surveys. I realized early on this data would be helpful for both our employee management software vendors and our site’s visitors for understanding which options and features of employee management software the market is most interested in. Each Quarter, we offer a comprehensive report for our vendors with statistics for each question we ask in the survey. Here’s a snapshot of the results.

100 to 500 Employees

           Five most Popular Employee Management Software Features

           Job and Pay History                                                                86%   
           Ability to Track Review Scores and Review Dates                        82%
           Ad Hoc Report Writing                                                            81%
           Email Alerts                                                                           79%
           Employee Self Service                                                             76%
           Five Least Popular Employee Management Software Features

           Integrated Payroll                                                                 55%
           Benefits Interface                                                                 54%
           Ability to log time online                                                        53%
           Succession Management                                                        52%
           Physical Time Clock System                                                    32%

500 to 1000 Employees

          Five most popular Employee Management Software features

          Employee Self Service                                                             93%
          Benefits Open Enrollment                                                       89%
          Email Alerts                                                                           89%
          Ad Hoc Report Writing                                                            89%
          Ability to import and export data                                             89%

          Five least popular Employee Management Software features

          Integrated payroll                                                                 60%
          Training Management                                                            62%
          Succession Management                                                        57%
          Ability to log time online                                                        51%
          Physical time clock system                                                     29%

1000 to 2000 employees

          Five most popular Employee Management Software features

          Job and Pay History                                                              90%
          Ad Hoc Report Writing                                                          87%
          Ability to import and export data                                            88%
          Employee Self Service                                                            88%
          Ability to track Review Dates                                                  82%

          Five least popular Employee Management Software features
          Succession Management                                                       66% 
          Integrated Payroll                                                                65%
          Training Management                                                           63%
          Ability to log time online                                                       56%
          Time Keeping System                                                            38%

Over 2000 Employees

          Five most popular Employee Management Software features

          User Defined Fields                                                              89%
          Employee Self Service                                                           89%
          Ability to import and export data                                           85%
          Ad Hoc Report Writing                                                         83%
          Job and Pay History                                                             83%

          Five least popular Employee Management Software features 
          Training Management                                                           62%
          Recruiting                                                                          61%
          Interfaces between payroll and HRIS                                      50%
          Physical time keeping system                                                46%
          Ability to log time online                                                      44%
Again, detailed market analysis reports based on our HRIS Selection Tool are available for our site’s vendors. Email me if you have any questions, C.Scroggin@CompareHRIS.com.