HRM/HRMS Software – Think of your Salesperson as a Consultant

HRM software consultants are on the buyer’s side of the equation.  They are doing their best to find that one HRM software system that is the perfect solution for your needs and/or problems.  How can they do their best if they are not asking questions?

Expect your HRMS software consultant to perform a needs analysis with you before making any suggestions on possible solutions.  Don’t be put off by, what may seem to be prying, questions they ask about how you currently do things and what you want to change.  This is how your HR Information Systems consultant can provide valuable assistance in determining what your true needs are.  They may even help to uncover issues you never even thought about until now.  And if the consultant doesn’t perform a needs analysis, be wary.

Your HRMS software consultant is working for you.  Make sure you take advantage of all the knowledge he/she has to offer.  Read the full article at

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