HRIS – Hack off Wasted Man-Hours

Many small business owners aren’t sure if they should invest in a Human Resources Information System (HRIS). However, even small businesses devote a great amount of time to performing menial, human resources related tasks. Many of these tasks could be easily automated, and would not only reduce the number of employee hours wasted, but would greatly increase the accuracy and completeness of your records.  Read more

Have You Hired This Loser?

Every business owner has made poor hiring decisions in his career. With so many competing demands, human resource management is often disregarded by the business owner and mistakes just go with the territory. It is just inevitable that a poor employee will eventually be hired.

Why, however, do many of these poor employees usually arrive in one of the following varieties and what can be done to avoid them hiring in the future? First, let’s have a look at the losers and then we can appreciate the solution.  Read more

Let Go of Your Old School HR Software – It’s Time for an Update!

Are you still using Excel spreadsheets as your method of tracking vacation time and payroll? Or is your preferred method an Abacus? Maybe you are still using the old method of counting beans? If this sounds like your Human Resource Software, then maybe it is time for you to look at updating to software from this millennium. If your eyes glaze over and your head begins to spin when you compare software for human resources, you’re not alone.  Read more

HR Can Make Your Business More Profitable?

Profits.  They are the goal line and the life blood of all businesses.  Make no mistake about it.  To be a valued part of the team, your efforts, both individual and departmental must be aligned towards that goal.  Now, if you’re in HR, you might be getting a bit nervous right about now.  You’re wondering –  “How does what I do contribute to the profits of the company?  I don’t make anything, I don’t sell anything – people see me and my department as a necessary cost, not as a contributor to the profits of the company.”  Read more

Outsource Payroll With Full HRIS Can Be Great

The larger payroll firms that typically outsource your payroll are really taking advantage of the latest technology today.  Even though portions of their service is now outsourcing payroll they will help all businesses be more efficient and take some of the burden on themselves.  In our latest article, we have put together some great reasons for using an outsourced payroll service provider instead of using an in house HRIS  and the first one is …  Read more

HRMS: Payroll Taxes & Employer Responsibility

Unfortunately, we have seen that those businesses that have separate HR and HR Payroll departments do not have clear insight into the number of employees they have.  We believe that a true HRMS is a combined HR Payroll Systems platform that brings the two disparate departments together.

HRMS systems are also the best way to monitor, manage and pay your federal and state Payroll Taxes.  In fact, it is often said that Human Race may beat death one day, but it will never beat taxes!

Sometimes outsourcing the task of tracking and paying taxes is simple when organizations such as ADP WorkForce Now and Ceridian provide software and personnel to help with payroll! Other organizations with an HRIS such as Abra HRMS or Ultipro focus solely on software as a solution.  Either way (whether you want the people-backed software or just the software) it is a personal preference and a complete integrate HRMS will help you stay compliant.  You must bring together both the HR and (HR) Payroll departments together.

Icebreakers – Start your HR Meetings off Right

Icebreakers can be the best way to begin your HR meetings.  If done right and appropriately of course.

The key with icebreakers however is to know who your audience is and to choose an icebreaker that works for that group.  Humor does not have to be a stand-up comedy routine, but can merely be an introduction to your meeting.  Don’t force the humor, be natural, and tell a real story that is relevant to the meeting topic.

The meetings that we have attended recently have typically been engaging meetings with the management team reviewing HR Software or Human Resource Management systems.  Obviously these were either HR implementation or HRIS HRMS demonstrations.  Humor does not work in these cases, but telling a story of the harried HR executive before they implemented an HRIS system is often the best way to paint the picture of why you need an HRMS Solutions.

Hiring Tips for HR

Hiring good employees is a challenge for every business, and especially the Human Resource Management team.  In our latest article we provide five Hiring Tips for HR.

#1 – Read the resume – HR should really review the resume without falling in a trap of overlooking obvious mistakes or gaps in employment

#2 – Use The Interview – whether phone or in person, document questions ahead of time and ensure it has structure

#3 – Look for good fit – make sure the employee has the attitude that will work well within the existing team

#4 – HRMS – use your HR Management Software to document and track your applicants’ movement through the recruiting funnel

#5 – Know ahead of time the costs and salary ranges for the position

As the ‘gate keeper’ for new employees entering the recruitment funnel, is it fair that HR determines which applications move on to management? Or should the front line management team have access to all the resumes?  What do you think?

Workplace Dating

Every company is different and creates different policies, including different dating policies like we talk about in ‘workplace dating.’ The key is to determine what works best for your business.  Speaking with other companies and human resource management professionals will help, as well as using SHRM blogs and forums.  An HRMS can help companies document and establish policies in addition to providing access to employee handbooks. Whatever your policy is, it must be implemented and your employees need to be informed about it either when they apply for a position or by providing them with employee training once they have been hired.  Again, the human resource software you select can help you track this information and report on those that need the training.

Other than that how do you inform your employees of polices (current and new?)

Save money at HR Tech 2010

Bill Kutik, who helps with the HR tech show in Chicago, has offered a special savings to and visitors. The discount we are offering our readers is $500 off the onsite price of $1,695 – just $1,195.

The special promotional code to receive the discounted rate is COMPARE10 (all caps).

Below is a summary, with links, on what to expect at this year’s show. I skipped SHRM this year but will be attending HR tech.  I prefer HR tech mostly because I find that more HR technology vendors show up than show up for SHRM. I don’t get a booth or attend any of the events; I just walk the expo hall and chat with my existing and potential vendors for

“The famous Shootout has become a track this year with up to eight vendors giving 25-minute demos based on our scripted scenario. Bound to have a couple of ERPs and lots of Talent Management vendors. Best way to compare live software, since they will largely be showing you the same thing. If they follow the script and don’t cheat! Which is why we have judges, two of the three bloggers above.”

“The HR Technology® Conference & Expo is the best in the world, at least according to Workday and PeopleSoft founder Dave Duffield, and many of the estimated 18,000 HR practitioners, vendors, consultants, analysts and bloggers who have attended in the last 12 years from 24 countries.

“The source of its popularity and strength is its devotion to education, not to sales. Speaking slots are never sold to vendors or sponsors, and all the session content is vetted in advance by Co-chairs David Shadovitz and Bill Kutik, editor and technology editor of Human Resource Executive magazine.

“Here are just a few of this year’s highlights: the debate between guru Naomi Lee Bloom and Gartner’s Jim Holincheck, Oracle revealing more of Fusion HCM, the legendary Shootout, the Blogger Insight Panel (members not yet chosen), and “Awesome New Technologies for HR” from bleeding edge start-ups (chosen at the last possible second). To see them all, download the pdf of the full conference brochure:

Be great to embed the link for downloading the brochure, since I think it makes the event make more sense than the website, which is not optimally designed. Obviously, please include the link to our home page,