Free HR Software Quotes? Wow, sign me up!

I’ve noticed that there’s one website just starting to pop up in the online HR software arena that offers free HR software quotes. Wow!  That’s one heck of an offer. I’m certain that there are companies out there who would have selected a HR software product already had it not been for the absolutely insane amounts HRIS vendors charge for quotes on their systems. Back when I owned a HR Information Systems reseller business, that’s how we made our money. We never sold anything or performed any consulting services, we just charged for the HR software solution quotes. If you have not figured it out yet, this is sarcasm and I’m pouring it on pretty strong.


If they are, they aren’t going to be in business for long. Giving away something for free, like a HRM Software quote, is sort of a little like giving away air or perhaps even hot air.  Ouch!

I know from my days of selling HR solutions systems that perspective clients would often get impatient while waiting to get the quote for the system. I understand this and have been in the same position before, as well, in other situations. HRIS/HRMS solutions are typically sold as modular systems and often times may offer multiple purchase options also. Before a sales rep can provide an accurate quote, they need to have an understanding of what your needs are for a system, they need to understand which modules you may be interested in and have an understanding of how much training and what type of implementation services will be required to get you and your staff up to date on the system. Here’s an article I wrote earlier in the year on the issues with getting a quote on an HRIS HRMS software system.

HR and Payroll Software – Why it’s So Hard to Get a Price

This is all a good thing.  I would be very concerned about anyone who provides a HRMS system quote before gathering that data, unless perhaps you are looking for a very basic entry level product for a organization with fewer than 100 employees.

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