HRIS - Nothing New Under the Sun - HRIS Just Does It Better

People are people. It is simply imprudent and unreasonable to expect them to act in any other way. Due to this inescapable fact, companies face the same HR issues year after year. Even in this technologically advanced time, employees still have the same impulses, the same complaints and the same motivations as they did 2,000 years ago. Well, maybe not 2,000 years ago because of cultural and technological differences but the point is that HR issues are recurring.

As long as there are employees, there will be a need for a human resource capability in your company. Dealing with these issues, however, can be made considerably easier if you avail yourself of some of the more modern HR tools, most notably Human Resource Information Systems.

HR Information Systems

Understandably, in smaller companies, the HR component may just be the owner, but as a company grows it must develop a more organized and trackable human resources process. Whether it is just the “papers in a file” system or an Internet-accessible computer database, records must be kept for the benefit of the employee, the employer, and, do not forget, the regulators of every level of government.

As intimated by the title, a computer-based HRIS does not introduce anything new to the human resource process. An HRIS does, however, offer increase of accessibility, broader functionality and better compliance than traditional paper and file based systems.



Greater Accessibility

Besides the administrative nightmare of coordinating the transfer, filing and storage of paper documents and their retrieval is equally time consuming. Similarly, a single point database solution requires that a single gate keeper input all the relevant information. This solution is fine for the smallest of companies but with even a dozen employees, information will not be entered in a timely manner or will be irretrievably lost.

A server-based HRIS system that allows access from many points will allow multiple people to enter the information and then the gatekeeper need only confirm the update. In addition, information is readily available at any Internet enabled location with the proper authorization. This method allows all aspects of human resources to be expeditiously and correctly maintained.


Improved Versatility

In addition to the ever changing demands of government bureaucracies, the business needs of a company also change. Whether it is new procedures or simply growth, the versatility and scalability of an HRIS allows you to quickly and affordably meet the newest demands. In addition, with a hosted version, any upgrades or changes can be done in a manner transparent to your employees and to your customers.


Better Compliance

Ensuring the proper compliance with company guidelines as well as mandated government regulations can be an administrative headache. An HRIS offers some essentially foolproof methods for guaranteeing that HR procedures such as new hires, employee counseling sessions and terminations are performed exactly as required.

For instance, an HRIS can be configured to provide the correct documents for hiring someone and then requiring that certain steps are completed before the hiring process can proceed to the next step. Similarly, precautions and safeguards can also be instituted in the employee counseling and termination processes.


HRIS - Maybe Not New, but Quicker, Easier and Better

All the traditional HR functions are as necessary now as they have ever been, if not more so. Successful companies must properly hire, effectively train and consistently manage their employee assets. A well designed and properly implemented HRIS can significantly aid in the accomplishment of these essential goals. The ends may not have changed but the means by which to reach the ends have certainly improved.


About the Author

Carolyn Sokol writes about issues that may affect small businesses such as human resources, hr management software, and HRIS programs. She is a founder of and contributor to, both of which help match businesses to the right HR or payroll service provider for their particular needs. Her background is in marketing and communications, employee education and training, development of policies and procedures and the ongoing delivery of outstanding customer service.