HR Software Schedules and Tracks Training

Keeping Track of Training, HRIS can Help!

Every company has a distinct method of training its employees. Some use mentoring, some require classroom hours and still others have self-paced modules. Every method can be effective as long as proper and timely implementation is achieved. 

As a company grows to include dozens or hundreds of employees, it is imperative that its training procedure become formalized and tracked. At a certain point, it is simply too unwieldy and inefficient to rely on memory alone to guarantee proper training. 

Human Resource software can prove invaluable in ensuring that all training is accomplished in a timely and efficient manner. Training is usually divided into discrete segments or modules. Software for human resources can help schedule, deliver, track and evaluate an employee’s progress through these modules. 

Schedule Modules
The administrator or the software itself can develop an appropriate timeline of all training that must be accomplished. If classroom or hands-on training is required, teacher availability can be included in the system. The software will also ensure that modules are completed in the appropriate order and that employees do not waste time and effort by taking unnecessary modules. 

Delivery and Maintenance of Modules
After development, the modules themselves can be archived on the system. Access can be granted or denied depending on desired criteria including position, seniority and preciously completed modules. The modules can be in the form of text, slide shows or video. Back-up documentation can be printed from this area also. Updates and new modules can be effortlessly and seamlessly introduced to the curriculum. 

Track Modules
This software for human resources can autonomously track overall training progress, amount of time needed to complete each particular module and issue alerts if any metric falls outside a predetermined range. Daily, weekly or monthly reports can be developed that give a clear and concise status on the state of company training. 

Measure Training
Training, in and of itself, is not useful unless the training is absorbed. Formalized testing can be incorporated into the process. The evaluation can then be used by the administrator or the software to determine the next course of action. 

Ensure Government Compliance
All companies have governmental requirements that must be met. These requirements include mandatory disclosure of information to all new employees as well as specific safety disclosures. The government requires proof, in written form, that these trainings have taken place within a set period of time. HR training software can provide the training, print the documentation and issue alerts to HR administrators if the appropriate documentation has not been submitted. Again, monthly or quarterly reports can be generated to determine overall company compliance. 

The software for human resources can be simple or complex. At first, simple database that schedules and tracks training may be all that is needed. Most HR systems are completely scalable and can expand to meet any company’s needs. 

About the Author
Anthony Kelly is a frequent contributor to compareHRIS and PEOcompare.  compareHRIS provides reviews and information on HRIS companies such as Ceridian, Ultipro, and ECI empower