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EmpowerHCM is ECI's flagship fully unified SaaS cloud-based Human Capital Management solution. A single source, robust, real-time application, EmpowerHCM simplifies the entire HR process by eliminating manual and paper processes, automating critical workflows, and improving interdepartmental communication.

A web-based solution offering a monthly pricing model that is attractive, especially for small and midsize organizations looking to minimize IT involvement. From a single access point, employees, their managers, recruiters, payroll and benefits administrators and more have access to the data necessary to their role, all delivered via the Web. These roles are developed and customized by the EmpowerHCM team, to fit each location, division, and user while still offering control at the corporate level.

EmpowerHCM solutions include Applicant Recruitment, Onboarding, Payroll, HR Management, Reporting, Time & Labor Management, Benefits/OE, Self-Service, Performance Management and Learning Management. The EmpowerHCM suite comes fully integrated, and the environment remains consistent and intuitive for all users, regardless of their role in the company. EmpowerHCM provides a unified and secure database and upgrades to the software are automatic.

EmpowerHCM offers companies a more efficient, affordable way to manage the entire employee lifecycle from pre-hire to retire. As a unified, web-based solution, EmpowerHCM eliminates costly hardware purchases and upgrades, while also making the system readily available with a single login. EmpowerHCM provides ongoing customer support, and the website offers a fresh look and easy access to useful information, including ACA reporting updates.


  • A tailored HCM solution for your company at a competitive price
  • Increase employee engagement and satisfaction with self-service functionality
  • Manage ACA compliance through EmpowerHCM reporting tools
  • Reduce hiring and onboarding time, resulting in immediate employee engagement
  • Efficiently reconcile time, beneftis and payroll, to increase accuracy and speed
  • Increase employee satisfaction with online access to benefits and updating life events through self-service
  • A dedicated and experienced customer service team to support you

“The ECI EmpowerHCM Experience”

It all starts with the ECI EmpowerHCM Experience, consisting of a tailored, in-depth analysis of your HR processes and systems during the sales engagement, which allows us to determine your particular needs. Once an agreement is signed, a specialized implementation process begins with a dedicated team. Training is provided at multiple points during the implementation to facilitate comfort with the solution. At the end of your implementation, there is a warm transition to your ongoing support team. The ECI EmpowerHCM Experience continues through every part of the partnership.


Automating repetitive and time-consuming HR tasks frees up valuable employees to focus on culture, recruitment, retention and high impact areas. EmpowerHCM allows you to manage the applicant process better, including automated hire & rehire wizards, employee assessment process, and training/certification. Tracking critical employee information such as asset details, attendance, salary and awards helps maintain compliance with FMLA, ACA, OSHA and more.


The ability to gather tremendous amounts of data about your applicants all in one place. Analyzing the data and abstracting useful conclusions that will help you build a strong sourcing strategy are all part of EmpowerHCM Applicant Recruitment. Your HR team will be able to post open positions, review applications, screen candidates & schedule interviews. Individual scoring allows you to narrow the candidate pool to those whose qualifications closely match the requirements.


A best-in-class onboarding process leads to a 97% retention rate in the first year of employment according to the Aberdeen report. The first impression is a critical piece of the hiring process. Through user-defined workflow, system administrators and managers can create, assign and automate reusable tasks that facilitate the transition from new employee to fully immersed productive employee by allowing for rapid task assignment, convenient task tracking and communication, and robust reporting.


Employee payroll and benefits represents the largest expense for most companies. Paying your employees accurately and on time is the single most important function companies perform. With changing regulations and tax laws, it is important to maintain accurate information in a single system. EmpowerHCM can import time from disparate systems, update pay rate progression, run payroll and verify before posting & printing. EmpowerHCM system supports multiple Fed IDs all within one database.


Applying company pay policies, managing remote facilities and tracking labor cost by month, week and even by day can be an administrative challenge. EmpowerHCM's Time & Labor Management is a fully integrated time tracking software, allowing employees various options for recording real-time punch information and attendance. Managers can view hours worked, edit punches and approve time cards for payroll processing.


Experience labor time savings by reducing benefits enrollment time from 30 minutes, via paper, to 5 minutes online. Employees can update their dependent, beneficiary, and benefits selections online and are automatically routed to HR for approval. Manage employee benefits & dependents. Approve employee benefit self-service changes. Create regulatory reports. Supports all types of benefits — health and welfare, flexible spending accounts, life insurance, deferred compensation, etc.


Streamline communications, enhance documentations, and utilize customized features to manage the employee life cycle. Spending and errors are reduced while increasing employee satisfaction, productivity, and compliance. Employees can log in to view their paychecks & benefits, change personal information & benefits elections or even request time off. Managers can approve or deny those requests & see employee schedules. With EmpowerHCM Mobile, employees have 24/7/365 access.


Turn the employee review process into an opportunity to build a stronger workforce. Employees can be evaluated consistently across the company and their goals aligned to corporate goals. EmpowerHCM aligns and tracks employee goals, measures employee performance, closes skill gaps, and manages career plans. Increase morale and create a culture of accountability to minimize concerns sometimes associated with completing reviews.


To remain competitive, employees not only have to be qualified to do their jobs but also need to learn new skills. If you are delivering training online, you need a way to track the results. With EmpowerHCM, you can build a repository of all relevant training courses, assign required courses or curricula to the company, specific jobs, departments or employees. Ability to quickly identify training gaps and proactively address them by managing course schedules, wait lists, and other needs. Executive level reporting, to quickly determine training needs and progress, is available.


Reporting on data is a time consuming and critical part of the Human Resource function. With Quick Query, a list of available data views is automatically displayed. Authoring a column report with grouping, by sorting & filtering, is a matter of intuitive point and click. Simple Query by Example Grid shows available data fields to order and choose the fields you want. Reports are available for every key user in the organization. Tap into our experience by utilizing the over 400 pre-built reports in EmpowerHCM.


EmpowerHCM provides the solutions under an industry standard SSAE 16 Type II audited SaaS environment.


ECI EmpowerHCM has earned several awards recognizing outstanding business achievements including the Inc. 500/5000 for the past five years, the Lead411 Tech 200 award for three consecutive years, and a coveted Stevie Award. ECI EmpowerHCM is most proud of the 97% customer retention rate, which is a reflection of our commitment to excellence in technology, innovation, service, and value. 

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