HR in the 21st Century

Operating a business is complicated enough in this modern age. From a HR and record-keeping viewpoint, tasks become more complex nearly on a daily basis with changes in tax laws, hiring laws, company policies, expanding workforces, and more. With everything that must be done, and done with precision, isn’t it time you investigate a way to take this tremendous task and streamline it? 

How Do You Run Your Business?
HRIS software is undoubtedly something you are aware exists, but have you really taken the time to look into the benefits of having such a system? Yes, it is an additional upfront expense, but the right HRIS selection could prove to be your company’s greatest asset after the employees. 

Skeptical? That’s alright. Most good business people are, until the benefits of spending their valuable resources are clear. So let’s look for a moment at how you currently handle your HR department. Do you have one person who is responsible for everything from hiring to payroll to employee records? Perhaps you have a manager and an assistant. Or, if you are a larger business, maybe you even have a small team handling all this paperwork. 

How efficient is the system you are currently using? Even the most organized paper filing system is still bulky, taking up precious real estate in your office. Additionally, paper records are vulnerable to loss, damage, or theft—not something you want to have to deal with. And really, with all the awareness today on the environment, do you really want someone to accuse your company of not being Green with all that wasted paper? 

Conventional Computer HR Software
You don’t use a paper filing system, you say? Fair enough. That means you are one step closer to making your HR department more efficient. But does your computer software handle all aspects of human resources, or do you use several programs simultaneously? Are these programs compatible with one another, or does your staff have to enter duplicate information in each program? 

Most conventional computer HR software simply does not perform the tasks a business needs with the efficiency it needs. Moreover, the security and encryption with these outdated software systems leaves something to be desired. If your company records are easily accessible to a novice hacker, you could be facing some stiff penalties. Employees probably won’t appreciate the idea of having their identity stolen from your records. 

Taking a Look at HRIS Software 

Adding modern technology to the way you do business is always a good idea, and HRIS selection is no different. HR software offers many benefits to your company, some of which include: 

• Putting all of your records in one easily accessible location.
• More accurate records as HR employees no longer attempt to do 12 hours of work in an 8-hour workday.
• Ability to generate your own business reports and handle your own payroll without the need to outsource these tasks, saving your company money.
• Secure, organized employee data that does not require a physical storage location within your company’s building. 

Ok, all that sounds great, but what about the cost? Well, not to invoke a cliché, but with everything these types of software can do for your company, you really can’t afford not to invest in one. The key is taking the time to make sure your HRIS selection is the best one for your individual business. 

Advancements in technology have made HR software more affordable and more customizable than ever. Take advantage of the 21st century HRIS selection available to make your company more efficient, more profitable, and more secure. 

About the Author
Anthony Kelly is a frequent contributor to compareHRIS and PEOcompare. compareHRIS provides reviews and information on HRIS companies such as CeridianUltipro, and ECI empower.