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It is About You. Your Employees.
     Your Culture. Your Unique Vibe.

Vibe HCM goes beyond simply processing back-office transactions and functioning as a ‘system of record.’ Great HR technology is about culture, connecting people, creating excitement, effective communications, efficiency, job satisfaction, and world-class HR service delivery through technology.

Cloud-based employee software designed with engagement at its core.

Vibe HCM is a system of engagement connecting all global employees throughout an organization on a web-familiar, highly personalized platform that supports multiple languages and currencies. The product delivers a superior employee experience, enabling our customers to achieve phenomenal usage/adoption rates (i.e. upwards of 90%), which in turn serves to positively impact their organizational goals.

Further, this deep level of engagement offers our customers the opportunity to drive transformative change in the organization, not only in HR but also in an operational sense (transitioning to Shared Service model, re-shaping company culture, running wellness programs, sales referral programs, etc.).


Vibe HCM

Your employees will love Vibe’s intuitive web-familiar design and its engaging social communications and capabilities. End to end process automation, AskHR Chat and embedded social competencies are redefining expectations for HR technology.

Unlike Traditional HR Technology, cfactor’s Vibe HCM is easy-to-use and highly personalized. It delivers much more than transactions.

  • Onboarding - Highly engaging, social recruitment, onboarding and Virtual Day 1 solutions.
  • Core HR - Easy-to-use, social HR software that supports the way you work.
  • Talent - Find, reward and retain your best. Talent visualization and management tools.
  • Social - Engage, connect and inspire with social media and interactive communications.
  • HR Services - Leverage knowledge-based, real-time chat & social tools to redefine how HR delivers service.
  • Insight - Real-time access to workforce metrics across your locations, divisions, & roles.

Why choose Vibe HCM?

  • Great User Experience and Employee Adoption in one global system  – drives ROI/Engagement
  • Cutting-edge SaaS HR platform that uniquely combines communications, social, HR processes, talent, analytics, & real-time askHR functionality in one suite.
  • Automatically get access to the latest features/functionality as we are continually rolling out innovative feature enhancements.
  • Ability to highly personalize/brand your employee experience to your business units, communications, programs, process workflows.
  • Talent Mgmt integrated directly in your core HR platform – resulting in lower cost / employee compared to siloed systems for talent and core HR.
  • Industry acclaimed new employee onboarding suite drives new hire time-to-productivity and effective socialization into your firm.
  • Embedded HR analytics in the hands of your decision makers
  • Cost-Effective – Highly competitive pricing results in clients achieving rapid ROI
  • Average time-to-implement of 1/3 of typical on-premise implementations
  • Flexible deployment model – replace or augment your existing systems.  Select what modules you want based on your priorities and your timeline.

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About us

Our specialty is creating easy-to-use HR technology that is meant to be used and valued by all employees. We have been doing this for over 16 years. This relentless pursuit has led us to work with some of the most innovative, recognized brands on the planet while creating a highly acclaimed HRIS, Talent and Employee Collaboration suite in the process.


cfactor has been published in the Workforce Solutions Review, Human Resources Executive Magazine, HR Professional Magazine, and Talent Management Magazine (amongst others).

A select list of additional clients includes FMC Technologies, AMEC, AutoNation, Six Flags, and Wyndham Worldwide.