What’s New at HR Technology Conference 2016?

HR Technology Conference TrendsAs we gear up for the HR Technology Conference, the big question everyone’s asking is: What new concepts will we see on the expo floor? Last week, Talent Culture founder Meghan M. Biro interviewed Steve Boese on the Talent Culture podcast. As co-chair of the conference, Boese offered an insider look at top trends for HR tech as we head into an increasingly digital, human-centric era of HR.

What Should You Expect to See at the HR Technology Expo?

With more than 300 technology providers and 75+ new product announcements, this year’s expo will be second to none. Bring your requirements list and your questions because this is the largest expo of its kind, aimed exclusively at HR technology.

Will we see any brand-new, disruptive themes this year? “Evolution in technology happens slower than we expect. Things we’re talking about this year are extensions of things we’ve seen before,” said Boese. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be anything to get excited about. Watch for these four trends:

  • Integrated data sets—Big data will incorporate data and analytics into the daily tasks of HR, giving HR leaders the tools and information they need to facilitate better outcomes at key points of decision in the software.
  • Evolution of design and user experience—Interfaces will be more user-friendly, reflecting consumer demand for software that’s easy to use and highly adoptable.
  • Less rigid performance management—Performance management is shifting away from formal annual reviews to more frequent, coaching-style reviews. Technology capabilities will reflect that shift with configurable reviews and reporting as well as more robust people management tools.
  • Emphasis on data integrity—Before data analytics can reach its full potential, companies must build a foundation of quality data and effective governance. Many small to mid-size companies are still working through this process, meaning they will need to focus on core HR task efficiency before progressing to larger data analytics initiatives.

Conference attendees should also watch for better mobile technology, more efficient systems, and increased cloud capabilities especially in the areas of core HR and talent management.

Purchasing New Tech? Ask These Questions

If you’re ready to take the plunge and purchase new software for your business, Boese recommends asking the following questions as you head onto the expo floor:

  • What organizational barriers do I need to eliminate? Where do processes break down? Where is data being replicated across systems? What makes my job more difficult than it should be? Do I have data governance problems?
  • How can I improve customer service? What is the software’s onboarding process like? Is procedural information easily accessible? Does it improve HR service delivery?
  • How can I create a differentiated, personalized experience for employees? Look for things like customizable offer letters, compensation plans, and benefit packages; personalized on boarding processes and networking opportunities; and dynamic career paths.
  • What are my most pressing people challenges today and what will they be tomorrow? Where can I make HR more people-centric? How can I incorporate my company’s cultural mission into the tasks of HR?

This year’s HR Technology Conference promises to be the most informative, comprehensive look at trends and new technology offerings this year. Bring your walking shoes, grab a friend, and take plenty of notes. We can’t wait to hear your highlights!

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