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Meet Xander: How Ultimate Software’s Newest AI Keeps Employees Happier and More Engaged at Work

  Mention the term AI in a crowded room and you’ll get all kinds of reactions. From Hal the Robot references to serious questions about machine learning, artificial intelligence is something everybody’s thinking about. In the HR space, everybody knows it has potential to change the way we work. The real question, however, is: how […]

HRIS Certification – What’s it Worth to You?

As HR technology continues to evolve, practitioners need to understand not only the functionalities of the software they use every day, but also how to derive the most benefit from emerging capabilities. Managers need a qualified support staff that can quickly adapt to software changes and leverage those new features to add value to the HR department […]

Why Job Hopping Is Good For Your Company Culture

Does culture matter in the workplace? Consider this job hopping stat: 36% of job seekers said they changed jobs because they were unhappy with the company culture. And what about all the employees who kept slogging along, but hated clocking in for work every day? Savvy marketers have built whole industries around luring dissatisfied workers […]

HR in the Cloud: Cost Center or Value Contributor?

Is your HR department a value contributor or a necessary cost center? For most businesses, HR is the department we love to hate. It requires personnel, resources, and time, but it doesn’t move you forward toward your financial or business goals. Thanks to cloud computing, that’s all changing. How to Deliver Value in HR Harvard Business […]

Design Thinking Is Good News For Your HR Department—And Your Bottom Line

Mention the word design and most people will think of art, computer graphics, interior decorating, or some other visual undertaking. Design is about space, form, harmony, flow, and balance—right? Right. And wrong. Today, design thinking is showing up in in business environments across America, everywhere from the Harvard Business Review to the HR Tech Conference […]