Several HR software solutions at once?

Once you’ve made the final decision on what HR software solutions, I did say solutions, you wish to purchase and implement, where do you go from there?  It is possible, depending on your particular circumstances, that you may choose to go with more than one system to fulfill all your needs.  If you do end up with two or more HR solutions to implement, should you consider implementing each system separately or several at a time?

Most times, depending on your timelines, the number of people on staff affected by the process, or the number of resources you actually have available to put toward the implementation, the answer to this question will be obvious.  However, it is something you must consider when implementing more than one HR software solution.  Remember, it’s not just about getting the HR Information Systems implemented.  It’s about the necessary training after the implementation and the amount of time the affected employees take to reach a comfort level with a new system.

You definitely don’t want to end up in a situation of being overwhelmed because there is too much being taken on at once.  If this happens, you may have some stressed out and very unhappy employees on your hands and we all know that’s not a good thing.  Read the full article at

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