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What’s New at the 2017 HR Tech Conference?

Our CompareHRIS team is heading to Las Vegas for the 2017 HR Tech Conference next week. We’re pumped about the speakers, exhibitors, and vendors we’ll get to meet, as well as the awesome tech and sessions we’ll get to experience. But we’re also heartbroken for the city of Las Vegas as they recover in the […]

HR Resolution Check-In: 4 Next Steps for Year-End Success

With summer in full swing and vacation requests proliferating like mosquitoes, many companies experience a sluggish season in terms of productivity. But that doesn’t mean you can coast. We’re halfway through 2017 (already!) and it’s a good time to pull out your HR resolution list and check in. Back in January, we posted our top eight HR […]

Six Non-Negotiables to Consider Before You Buy HCM Software

How do you know when it’s time to buy HCM software? Answer: When the inefficiencies and redundancies start costing you money, resources, and morale. As your business grows and changes, old processes can’t keep pace with the new requirements of your workforce—and that means lost productivity and frustrated employees. Often, the solution is better software, […]