New Trends in Performance Management

You're a busy HR professional. Employee performance reviews may be your most time-consuming and unrewarding task. That's because clear communication, well-defined expectations, concise goals and accurate feedback are not a part of most evaluations.

Today's assessment process fails to give employees the information they need to feel motivated and to excel in their jobs. The result? The process takes up much of your time and, in the end, there's little to show for it. This creates frustration at all levels of management.

Talent Assessment Made Easy

One of the most innovative new trends in talent evaluation is to streamline the process with Human Resource Information Systems Software. Automated performance management software makes it easy to set clear goals, measure progress, deliver helpful feedback and target improvement.

Software-enhanced performance management systems have helped scores of successful organizations to enhance their HR operations without compromising philosophies. Easy to implement, cutting-edge employee management software packages help companies to reach clearly defined objectives. The benefits of these packages generally outweigh their costs within one year.

How Employee Evaluation Software Will Help Your Company

The Wyatt Company, specialists in Human Resource management, found that software-based performance management systems benefited companies in at least six major ways:

1. Simplicity. Automated systems give companies the ability to generate consistent, straightforward, and unbiased employee reviews.

2. Goal attainment. Software evaluation systems can be geared to measure agreement between individual and corporate goal attainment.

3. Flexibility and diversity. The evaluation process can be targeted to reflect the goals of individual departments, or it can be centralized to support overall company objectives.

4. Training. Managers learn on user-friendly automated systems as they use them. This model has been found to be a more effective training platform than standardized training.

5. Linking performance with pay. Automated measurement systems can be used for performance-pay links.

6. Employee involvement. Employees can track their performance, participate in goal-setting, engage in self-monitoring, gather feedback and review themselves online in collaboration with managers and team members. This process helps employees to become more invested in and responsible for their own performance, development and growth.

In the April 21, 2010 issue, The Financial Post outlined a survey performed by Chuck Bolton, a professional management consultant. His survey revealed that 87 percent of workers and 94 percent of executives found traditional employee evaluations to be ineffective and without measurable value.

With automated performance software, managers can be coaches instead of judges. They can formulate clearly defined goals and objectives together with employees. Concrete and measurable goals allow objective analysis of results with helpful feedback about progress. Real-time feedback means that problems get dealt with sooner, not later.

Experience Employee Assessment Software

Discover exactly how our software can eliminate the headache of employee evaluations and turn the talent evaluation process into something exciting and worthwhile. Call us now for a free product demonstration and learn how you can change ineffective reviews into valuable performance-enhancing tools. Our versatile software packages can also be applied to payroll, attendance, time monitoring and taxes.

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