Use Your HRMS to Save Your HRASS!

Many times, human resource management along with human resource software seems pointless, an exercise in utter futility. Forms are filled out and boxes are checked and then the “paperwork” is electronically archived. Who’s going to look at this stuff anyway?

The ex-employee and his lawyer, that’s who. It is only in those particularly nasty situations involving lawyers or government agencies that a meticulous and thorough paper trail proves its worth and yields demonstrable results. 

The central tenet of all employer-employee relations should be fairness. In addition, from the employer’s standpoint, provability is also an important factor. No employer likes to be involved in the following types of cases but, if their HRMS has been properly administered, they are suitably armed and in a well-defended position.

Accusations of Favoritism

Coaching, mentoring and evaluating is, indeed, a social science. However, it is not a social service, that is, the employee evaluation process is designed to meet the company’s needs, not the employee’s. This fact can often be overlooked if the process is not specifically defined and rigorously implemented. An HR Management System can provide the framework for a “level playing field” that guarantees fairness for the employee and security for the company.

Terminating a Non-Performing Employee

There are employees who never blossom. They were hired enthusiastically and were expected to do great things. Now, they are just a waste of space; your space. While they never act inappropriately or make any overt mistakes, they just aren’t producing as expected. You are in the unenviable situation of having to fire someone for non-performance as opposed to some actual non-compliance with company policy. An HR Management System will help document this non-performance and allow for a speedier resolution to the problem.

Defending Against Harassment Claims

This situation is just as complicated as the last as, at first, it typically involves accusations and denials. Then, with a little time, the recriminations start. These are delicate waters for a company and the manager involved. Careful, thorough and absolutely complete documentation of every aspect of the investigation is imperative. An HR software solution can be invaluable in the administration of this process.

A Specific Case

The above cases may seem somewhat esoteric, but there are real world examples where a properly designed and implemented HR software solution helped prove an employer’s case.

There have been several lawsuits brought against national companies for various irregularities in their payment of overtime. The merits of the particular cases aside, it is only a matter of time before some enterprising employee and their lawyer go after significantly smaller companies for the same reasons.

In most of these cases, the burden has been placed upon the employer to provide documentation that accurate OT was paid. The hope of the disgruntled employee is that the company will not have invested in a software system to accurately save the appropriate data. An HRMS can be designed to assist in payroll and automatically document and archive the relevant data.

The Solution

There is no doubt that most companies want to treat their employees in a fair and equitable manner. Unfortunately, when differences arise, the parties involved rarely see eye to eye. In extreme cases, a third party, namely the Courts, must be brought in to adjudicate the situation. A company does not want to be caught unawares as the consequences stretch well beyond the immediate employee. 

There is no need to fear, as the solution is evident. A prudent company will have the necessary resources to prove its case because of its investment in a well designed and properly administered HRMS.

About the Author
Carolyn Sokol writes about issues that may affect small businesses such as human resources, HRMS, and HRM Software. She is a founder of and contributor to which both help match businesses to the right HR or Payroll Service provider for their particular needs.