Position Control Handout

Position Control Concept Connotes that:

" A position should exist in the organization for the incumbent
" The profile of the position should be well defined
" The position should be represented by an unique ID
" Information about the position can be tracked over time

Position Impact
A position's impact is determined by actual expenditure from the beginning of a fiscal year plus amount set aside to cover appointments for the same, for the remainder of the fiscal year.

Why Position Control?
Easy to budget or to analyze employment levels, regardless of vacancies, part time or shared positions, etc. Position Control system is better than traditional Employee-based system. Employee-based system is very difficult to budget or to analyze employment levels regardless of vacancies, part time or shared positions, etc. Position data is so crucial to identify vacancies in the organization, to identify whether the position is over or under the budget, and also recognize the category the position falls into. Not only that, position information also acts as a determinant for vacancy tracking, budgeting, and history tracking.

Position Control System Features:

" Multiple position tracking - The system should track incumbents who hold multiple positions in an organization. It manages to hold a separate employee record for each incumbent.
" Multiple positions per incumbent - The system should track positions that are available for each incumbent at any point of time
" Multitudinous account distributions per position - The system should allow you to create multiple account distributions per position
" Full position requirements - The system should display complete job description with full position requirements at the click of a button
" Advantage of integration with applicant tracking - The system should display automatic and seamless integration with applicant tracking to show current and historic information of applicant status at any point of time
" Reports - The system should allow you to generate custom reports by providing various filter drop-down options relevant to position control
" Date/Calendar driven - The system should be calendar driven to track incumbent's hire date, joining date, termination date, and vacancy statistics like total amount of time a particular position is vacant, number of times it is vacant, etc

Position Control System Integrates:

" Human Resource Department for HR information
" Accounts Department for Budget Development
" Payroll Department for payroll related data
" Finance Department for salary and benefit projections

Customer Benefits:

" Safeguards against position over-assignment
" Eliminates the time-consuming task of getting information about vacant positions
" Saves approval time for different HR-related activities

Position Control system addresses many HR needs of your organization. Not only the system provides the means to transfer benefits and salary projections into the organization's financial system during budgeting but also it facilitates the user to control the hiring process to board sanctioned positions. The navigation screens of the position control system should display the status of each and every position from initial setup, to adding incumbents, to tracking history in a streamlined fashion. The unique position ID facilitates the system to effortless track the planning, budgeting, and incumbent's data associated with each position.


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