MyHRIS: Web-Based and Cutting-Edge

It's Friday afternoon, a quarter 'til five: you've checked your messages one final time, and already you're toying with the car keys in your pocket and speculating absently about what's waiting at home for dinner. The phone rings, and reluctantly you answer, listening dumbly as the head honcho up at Human Resources rattles off a list of a reports he wants by noon tomorrow. You've scarcely hung up the phone before another call rings in, this time from your company's newly-opened office, demanding salary information pronto. An employee passing by your desk stops to inquire about health deductibles. Suddenly, HR is on the line again, wanting details on employee demographics.

Such obligations, which ordinarily might guarantee that you can kiss your dinner plans goodbye, will merit little more than a careless shrug of the shoulders if you're using MyHRIS, from NuView Systems Inc. With MyHRIS, the folks up at HR can simply launch their browser, open up the reports they need, save them in Excel, and print. Those at the new branch in need of salary data can easily check it for themselves via the Internet. And the employee with the coverage questions can personally log in to the employee self-service application and view his benefits himself.

MyHRIS Brings Everything But The Kitchen Sink

MyHRIS is a revolutionary, front-running web-based Human Resource Information System. Unlike similar such web-rooted applications, MyHRIS is fully comprehensive, allowing you to access information including – but in no way limited to – your employees' personal data, salary, benefits, investments, hours and attendance, training, specialized skills, and career history and evolution. As a web-native system, the results are always live and constantly updated in keeping with the most current information in your database.

Where other web-based systems often fall short, MyHRIS comes outfitted with the full complement of useful HR features. Options for both employee and manager self-service enable everyone to recover the information they need at their own convenience. A streamlined applicant module, tough to find in HRIS products of any kind, lets you track requisitions, view resumes, sort through typical interview questions, and send out standard response letters. With more than 200 template reports such as “Open Positions” and “Termination Summary”, MyHRIS makes regular reporting easy, and for more individualized analyses, the built-in Crystal Reports writer can cater to all of your needs.

Real Web-Based HRIS

MyHRIS is an in-depth and extensive application, offering a bounty of capabilities ranging from compensation analysis to succession planning to skills management. Julie Muenzler, the Human Resources manager of a Dallas-based Internet marketing company, says of MyHRIS: “It's a complete system – HR, recruiting, training all rolled into one. That's the biggest thing that sold us on them.” Few other web-based applications can boast the same wealth of processes which seems to be otherwise reserved for installed systems alone.

Yet MyHRIS is a genuinely web-based system: there are no special hardware, software, or installation add-ons required in order to see your data. NuView Systems hosts its product for you so that you don't have to worry about cluttering up your own site.

MyHRIS can be bought outright, or it can be rented with delivery through an application service provider model. You can even begin as a renter to test the waters, and subsequently choose to apply those rental payments toward total purchase of the system.

MyHRIS Pushes The HRIS Frontier

MyHRIS is certainly an innovative and cutting-edge system, uniting the convenience of a web-based application with the across-the-board capabilities traditionally belonging only to an installed HRIS. Still, the phenomenon of HRIS on the web is a relatively new one, with plenty of uncharted territory – and the rich potential that MyHRIS has to offer inevitably brings with it manifold complexities.

“One thing I wasn't prepared for was the complexity of this system,” says Holly Kilpatrick, HR manager for Mallinckrodt Baker, Inc. Implementing MyHRIS has required her to develop fluency in technical jargon such as SQL servers, Open DataBase Connectivity, web servers and Crystal Reports. Furthermore, since using MyHRIS, her department has been forced to become far more involved with her company's information systems department than it ever had been in the past.

Carol Forman, HR director of recycling firm wTe Corp., speaks up about some complications in using the MyHRIS rental route. Her company had wanted a field for shift hours immediately available on the “new hire” screen, but this option wasn't present by default. Had wTe purchased MyHRIS directly, then customizing the screen would have been a snap, but the process was made much more difficult because renting meant that wTe was sharing the application with other MyHRIS users.

Still, MyHRIS has a lot to offer, and, as with all new things, the adaptations will become easier with further learning and time. The support team at MyHRIS is knowledgeable and eager to help, and NuView will readily complete an implementation needs analysis in order to set up the data conversion between your existing databases and your new MyHRIS system. There's a lot to be said for getting your HRIS on the web – the promised improvements in convenience, self-service, and efficiency mean that opportunities are essentially limitless.