Managing Employee Performance

When you think about the workforce, it can be compared to a vehicle. For example, a vehicle has many parts that make it run smoothly.  There’s the engine, steering wheel, and tires that all work together to get you to your destination.  Keeping your vehicle well-maintained with regular oil changes, tire rotations and tune-ups, allows you to stay on top of issues as they occur.  Well, the same can be said for your workforce. HRMS performance tools can help you effectively manage employees and keep your organization driving towards its goals.  


Get S.M.A.R.T  

Goals should be specific, measurable and challenging to encourage employees to excel.  An important factor when creating goals is to include employees in the conversation.  According to studies, when employees are a part of the goal-setting process, they are more satisfied and productive.  Therefore, if you're looking to increase employee productivity, be sure to set goals that are measurable and attainable.  In other words, make sure that you create S.M.A.R.T goals:

  • S- Specific: Goals should be clearly defined. Avoid using general statements and be detailed where necessary.
  • M- Measurable: There should be criteria that you use in order to track the employee’s progress.  For example, a measurable goal would be to increase the number of HR center calls answered by 25%.
  • A- Attainable: The goals set should be attainable for the employee to meet.  Be sure to take into consideration whether or not there are factors beyond the employee’s control.
  • R- Relevant: Make sure that the goals are practical and within the employee’s capability to successfully complete.
  • T- Timetable: Include a time frame in which the employee will be evaluated again to measure progress.  Be sure to specify when the goal needs to be completed. 

Just as important as setting goals is following up on the employee’s progress. Providing frequent feedback can help keep an employee on track to meeting his/her objectives.  Although “official” performance reviews are done annually, taking the time to speak with employees about how they are doing throughout the year can help them adjust their performances to meet expectations.  Surprises are great for birthdays, but not so great when it comes to performance reviews.  


Benefits of HRMS Tools 

In addition to goal tracking, HRMS management software tools offer many benefits such as the ability to do following:

·         Create general questions that are required for all employees

·         Customize additional questions specific to a department or position

·         Track detailed notes on an employee’s history with your company

·         Set recurring alerts reminding managers of review deadlines

·         Gain a bigger picture of overall employee performance 


Optimizing Work Performance  

In addition to using department-specific performance reviews, you can see an even bigger picture of your workforce performance by doing 360° performance reviews that include the opinions of employees’ colleagues.  An advantage of using HRMS performance tools is that there are security settings in place which ensures that only authorized users (e.g. managers) can access the complete review.  Therefore, employees who are only providing their opinions have limited access to the performance review.

Ultimately, HRMS performance tools optimize work performance by encouraging employees to be part of the goal-setting process and allowing them to track the status of their goals.  It’ll also help you identify when you may have to make some pit stops to adjust accordingly.  With a click of the mouse, you're able to optimize work performance by making sure all the necessary parts are working as they should.  Check out the article, HR System Can Help You Optimize Workforce Performance for additional information about the benefits of HRMS tools.


About the Author

Anthony Kelly is a frequent contributor to compareHRIS that provides information, resources and tools that help HR professionals find the best HRIS/HRMS (HRIS Programs) for their needs