The Myth of the Quick Quote for HR and Payroll Software

HR Software QuoteHave you ever tried to get a quick free quote for HR software? We’ve seen ads to that effect, but it’s a bit like catching a leprechaun: it sounds like a great idea, but it’s almost impossible in practice. Getting HR and payroll software prices is a lot different from getting a price on a house, a car, or a new pair of shoes. You’ll have to wade through a lot more information, and there are many decisions to be made—sort of like building a house from the ground up vs. purchasing one that’s move-in ready. That’s why it’s so difficult to offer a quick quote, free or otherwise.

Why Quick Quotes Aren’t Accurate for HR and Payroll Software

When I was selling HR and Payroll software systems, I worked with one product that offered 15 unique product options, two platform options, and two purchase options. The cost of that system for a 200-employee company varied tremendously. This price could have ranged from $3,000 to well over $40,000.

So, if someone simply asked for a price, or even a ballpark price, it was hard for me to present one without knowing exactly what options they were interested in and what their needs were. Adding to the conundrum was the fact that the prospect often did not know what they needed until I performed a needs analysis and/or conducted a demo.

Price Isn’t The Most Important Consideration

As a salesperson, if I was selling product X and knew my competition was product Y, which offered half the functionality and 30% less on cost, I would be hesitant to provide a prospect a price of my software system until I was able to show the added value. This is more than just smart salesmanship; it’s also good service.

I’m going to make a bold statement here: You shouldn’t base your decision for HR and Payroll software solely on price. Why? Because the best value often isn’t the product that costs the least, but rather the one that most closely matches your company’s unique needs. You may be impatient to see the cost, but (as we see in the example above) you usually win by waiting.

Many software vendors choose not to show their prices up front because they want their customers to see the total value of the product or platform. That’s true on our site as much as it is for other types of software comparison resources. Bear in mind that the least expensive systems on the market usually have no problem publishing their prices. The more expensive and comprehensive systems on the market are much less likely to do so—but they also offer deeper functionality and comprehensive, customizable tools that increase the value to your company.

There’s No Such Thing As a Quick Quote

But can comparison websites actually provide a quick free quote for multiple HR and payroll software applications?

Answer: NO!

For the same reasons I have laid out here, reputable software vendors won’t provide a quote without understanding your company and your needs. If you see an offer for a free quote, that most likely involves a third party transfer of your contact information to a variety of HCMS vendors. Those vendors will contact you, conduct a needs analysis, and possibly schedule a demo. Then—and only then—will they be ready to talk about pricing.

There’s nothing quick about it. And that’s the way it should be.

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