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Cloud HR Information Systems & Solutions
for multinational organizations

Has your business grown past the suitability of its current HR system? Inefficiencies in internal departments such as HR can often be overlooked in fast-paced organizations. At Fairsail, we understand that change is required, and facilitate the major step forward that a business takes in deploying a cloud-based Human Resources Information System.

Fairsail’s powerful and user-friendly software will give you actionable insights, automate repetitive tasks, and create great workforce experiences for your people – wherever they are in the world.

It supports the full employment journey, from people marketing, recruitment and onboarding, to analytics, reviews and succession planning. Built on the Salesforce App Cloud, Fairsail connects your organization to your people in a whole new way.

Key Features:

  • People Science and Analytics - Get instant, real-time workforce visibility with handy dashboards and analytics, delivering accurate and reliable information about who’s doing what, where.
  • Talent Acquisition - Hire the best people, faster. Make a great first impression with seamless candidate experiences and paperless onboarding.
  • People Management - Finally get all your people information in one place. A single, secure system of record covers every member of the workforce, so you can better manage your people.
  • Attendance and Leave Management - Capture, identify, manage and report on attendance and leave management for your entire global workforce.
  • Payroll Integration, Compensation and Benefits - Fairsail enables you to manage compensation and benefits across your organization.
  • Performance and Talent Management - From simple real time feedback and instant recognition to rigorous goal setting and formal performance reviews, Fairsail supports a range of performance frameworks.
  • Workforce Experience Management - Great workplace experiences help drive productivity and retain top talent. Keep your workforce connected, engaged and informed.
  • Global Cloud HR Platform - Fairsail is built and hosted on the Salesforce App Cloud, the world’s leading enterprise cloud platform. Trusted by users around the world, it offers unparalleled reliability, secure access, privacy and availability.

Why Fairsail?

Fairsail will transform HR in your organization with a comprehensive, wide-ranging system that is fast to implement and simple to learn – so it can deliver real value from day one.