Engage, Align, and Lead At Work With Epicor HCM 2017

Epicor HCM Employee engagement has huge repercussions not only for your productivity metrics, but also for your profit measures over time. Engaged employees get more done, enjoy their work more, and make more positive contributions to their teams than disengaged employees. But when your workers feel like they don't have enough time to get everything done, productivity drops. More than 60% of employees feel that being overloaded with work harms their productivity. 

Clearly, it pays to invest in employee engagement. In fact, companies with higher than average numbers of engaged employees outperform competitors by 147% in terms of earnings per share. The question is how can you help your employees feel less stress on the job and engage more productively with their work? 

One way is to give them better tools--tools that support them rather than putting barriers in their way. That's especially true for streamlining communications, which can eat up 17 hours per week when not done well. HR can start the ball rolling with better systems for internal communication between managers, employees and peers, and by creating an environment where HR practitioners can do their jobs effectively and efficiently. 

But where to start? We talked to Epicor HCM to find out what they've done to help their customers create a more integrated, intuitive HR experience for both practitioners and employees. With new updates to their system and processes, Epicor has done a great job identifying some of the pressing challenges faced by HR practitioners and delivering a practical solution to meet those needs.

How Epicor HCM 2017 Improves Communication and Keeps Your Team Aligned

Epicor HCM has a strong foundation of core HR tools, engagement and recruiting solutions, and analytics tools. With that strong foundation to build on, the system offers newly updated tools designed to streamline daily HR tasks and make information more readily accessible as needed. Here are some of the features that stand out. 

User Interface

Epicor has revamped the full user interface, giving users a cleaner, more intuitive system that aligns with the way people prefer to navigate. The new interface incorporates icon-driven navigation, collapsible menus, an improved search function and better use of on-screen real estate for a less cluttered appearance. 

We especially loved the manager self-service tool, which provides a detailed dynamic routing function so managers can create any approval path needed, as well as an easily accessible employee history summary with related tasks directly accessible. 

Epicor HCM user experience

To-Do Lists

Keep task lists on point with automated to-do lists. When you make a change such as a pay increase, new training assignment, or new employee, the system will generate a list of related tasks that must be completed such as approvals, onboarding tasks, or related data entry. 

Epicor HCM 2017 To Do Lists

Skills Search

The skills search function can match both candidates and current employees to a job description, helping you quickly identify which people best meet your job requirements. It can also search the database for additional criteria such as previous work experience or education. Even if you don't hire a candidate, you can store his or her resume and choose to include those candidates in future searches. 

Epicor HCM 2017 Skills Search

Mobile Job Search

With the new mobile job search feature, candidates can search and apply for jobs conveniently from their mobile devices. As candidates become more reliant on phones and tablets for job seeking activity, this feature will make it easier for companies to connect with and engage top talent. 

Epicor HCM 2017 Mobile Job Search

Coming Soon! Epicor Data Anaytics

Epicor's new data analytics capability will be release this year, so stay tuned!

The #1 Reason to Consider Epicor HCM

There are plenty of HCM solutions on the market, and you can use any of them to get the job done. So what makes Epicor HCM stand out? Why should this product make it on your short list? 

Here's the #1 reason: Epicor HCM is designed with HR practitioners in mind. 

From its initial design by an experienced corporate HR director to its current implementation, Epicor HCM offers streamlined, intuitive processes designed to work within the structure of your HR department. Epicor's implementation process gives you plenty of flexibility to configure the system based on your current processes and requirements, while also making strategic improvements where needed. 

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