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EBS PaySuite is a cloud based HRMS solution that manages Payroll, HR, Time & Labor, Hiring & Onboarding for your company’s workforce.

EBS has built PaySuite as a web-based, 100% SQL, single database solution that helps your bottom-line.

  • Built from the ground up as a complete cloud-based application  
  • Available as On-premise, SaaS, or Hosted  
  • Provides for seamless front and back office software integration  
  • Implemented in a matter of weeks, not months  
  • Embedded Business Intelligence and Analytics

Employee Based Systems (EBS) has been recognized as an industry leader in the development and implementation of enterprise-wide, mission-critical HRMS software solutions that consistently exceed client expectations. Take advantage of our proven expertise to eliminate redundant, time-consuming, manual processes and increase your departmental productivity.

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Payroll Management

EBS grants your simple wish for something that is flexible and easy to use along with your complex need for hard-core payroll functionality. From eliminating data entry errors to integrating a complete tax file solution, EBSPayroll has what you’ve been looking for.

HR Management

EBSHR is a complete human resources system that provides you with detailed information on your employees, robust reports and analytics, and compliance management tools so you can focus on transforming HR into a strategy center. Human powered. Results driven.

Hiring & Onboarding

EBSHire is designed to provide any size business a cost effective, affordable and simple way to manage the applicant tracking process, We make it easy to manage your applicant tracking and candidate acquisition activities and align them with the organization’s strategic goals and recruiting management processes, so you can ensure everyone is aligned, engaged and accountable.

Time and Labor

EBSTime is a suite of software for time and labor management, attendance tracking, and scheduling. EBSTime can collect and manage these from virtually any source including, phone, PC, online timesheet, biometric time clock or swipe cards. Let EBSTime reduce your compliance risk. It’s time for an upgrade.