If They Can Send a Man to the Moon, Why Can’t I Easily Manage HR?


The technological accomplishments of the Apollo Moon Program were unparalleled for their time. Still, the steady march of technological advance has created computers and software with a power and sophistication undreamt of by the NASA engineers.

In fact, these software programs and computer systems are affordable for almost any small or mid-size company. In fact, an HRIS system is ideal for companies that routinely change their hiring or training processes and who need to stay abreast of the latest change in government regulations. So the question is not really, "Why Can't I Easily Manage HR?" but rather, "Why Won't I?"


The HRIS Solution

For the foreseeable future, no computer system will take the human aspect out of human resources. Employers will still have to deal with the problems and needs of their employees with a human resource staff. This fact notwithstanding, much of the paperwork involved with the hiring, training and tracking functions can more easily, thoroughly and efficiently be managed with a Human Resources Information System (HRIS). The following items are some of the very real advantages that a well-designed and properly implemented HRIS can yield.



All companies have a hiring process. Some utilize a multi-step process that involves multiple interviews and employee screening questionnaires while others hire the first warm body that walks through the door. In either case, there are “formalities” that must be observed to satisfy the local and Federal regulations. Every business owner and HR administrator knows the importance of fulfilling these requirements as the penalties and ramifications for non-compliance are stiff for the employee as well as the employer.

In addition, for companies that do more than “smile and hire,” an HRIS can also be developed to prompt your recruiters and managers to follow the appropriate company procedures. An HRIS can even be designed to halt the hiring process until all the previous requirements are met. It saves time, effort and money for all involved.



In the same vein, an HRIS solution can more easily and thoroughly track a new employee’s progress through the company training track. Assessments can be done online and advanced training modules can made available as the employee progress. All of this can be accomplished with minimal input from location managers or HR staff. In short, the new employee can be placed in charge of their own training. This last feature is simply an added benefit that allows managers to identify the true “self-starters” in a company.


Employee Benefits & PPACA

One of the more pertinent advantages to an HRIS is its ability to be customized in a relatively inexpensive and timely manner. This fact is particularly noteworthy when the recent Supreme Court decision upholding the bulk of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is considered.

The PPACA is now law and will have to be implemented by every company in the United States. There is a stunning amount of paperwork that will be generated by this law and companies would be well advised to automate their compliance with the PPACA with a HRIS. The situation is further complicated by the fact that the political landscape is eminently changeable. A change in the current administration could bring a whole host of new changes within the coming year. An HRIS is ideal for dealing with any of the possibilities as it is easily customizable and can be quickly and easily tailored for any contingency.


The Bottom Line

It’s a little known fact that NASA used a team of engineers with slide rules to double check the work of their computers because the machines were essentially untested and the stakes were incredibly high. In the intervening years our faith in computers has become almost unassailable. They are, indeed, expert at keeping track of the mundane and tedious. There is no doubt that an HRIS system will more easily and cost-effectively manage your current human resource paperwork and leave your HR staff more time to deal with the human equation.