HRIS Technology: Create Empowerment in Your Organization

Empowerment through HR technologyOne of the most self-destructive behaviors that any manager can engage in is “looking over the shoulder” or micromanaging his subordinates. While it may take a significant period of time for an assistant manager or other employee to become a trusted member of the team, managers must refrain from overseeing every action taken by their staff.

This tendency by managers to overdo their responsibilities can actually stymie their subordinates instead of supporting them. Still, managers are ultimately responsible for what goes on inside their “four walls” and must have some way of monitoring the situation.

An excellent solution to this seeming dilemma is the use of a Human Resource Information System (HRIS). An HRIS is doubly beneficial in that it enables a manager to remotely monitor the activities while still allowing a significant measure of autonomy to the subordinates.

Management Empowerment

The implementation of an HRIS into the human capital management process is one of the most empowering things that any company can do. The system can monitor, track and archive a wide range of administrative tasks such as hiring, training and performance allowing a company’s location managers to concentrate on the more important aspects of the business. In addition, an HRIS allows the HR director or other members of senior management to easily monitor compliance with company initiatives and government regulations.

Employee Empowerment

One of the most common complaints from employees is that they feel out of place due to poor intracompany communications and inadequate training. An HRIS can effectively address these two issues by providing a single point of contact for all new company information and by automating some of the training process. For example, an HRIS can be designed to allow employees to access the latest in company news and to self-direct some of their training activities. In both cases, employees are empowered to deal with a situation without the need for management interaction.

Enterprise-Wide Empowerment

Pardon us for stealing a term from the technology guys, but enterprise-wide is truly the word that describes the change in mindset that accompanies the empowerment created by the use of an HRIS. The synergies involved when everyone is on the same page are truly remarkable. Owners and senior managers know that their message is being delivered in a timely and company-wide manner. Location managers are relieved of many administrative tasks that consume much of their time. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, employees are made to feel like part of the group with at least some power over their activities within the company.

The Ramifications for Your Company

The results of empowerment are widespread. Employees with greater satisfaction are absent less, cause fewer HR problems and are generally more productive. Happier employees allow location managers to concentrate on their operational activities and thus improve the bottom line. Relieved of micromanaging the operations of the business, the owner or senior management can concentrate on growing the business. In short, finding and implementing the right HRIS is a triple win situation.

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