Is it Time to Break Up With Your Talent Management System?

Vibe talent management10 New Approaches For Engaging Talent in the Agile Era

Organizations are pushing the envelope in terms of how they organize and engage their teams. Bottom line business results remain top priorities but organizations increasingly strive to balance growth with a desire to be good corporate citizens. Adding to the mix is a highly diverse group of tech-savvy, socially connected millennials and new agile work methods. The result is a need to rethink traditional approaches to talent management.

Business Trends Impacting Talent Management:

  • Disengaged Workforce
  • Rise of the Socially Connected Workforce
  • Shift from Hierarchical to Networked Agile Workforces
  • Today’s talent management systems (TMS) were created as systems-of-record; not tools for engaging employees.

In this eBook, we outline 10 new strategies illustrating how technology can be an enabler of the new way of work. These 10 strategies tie directly to what employees value in their work and fulfill a meaningful role fostering a highly engaged productive workforce.

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