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What is ADP Workforce Now™?

ADP Workforce Now™ is an integrated solution designed to meet the needs of your mid-sized organization and help you focus on what matters — your business, your employees and your bottom line.

ADP Workforce Now will help you do more with less.

In a single-source solution, ADP Workforce Now delivers the robust HR technologies enjoyed by leading Fortune 500 companies, now designed specifically for your mid-sized organization.

Here you’ll find the tools to optimize productivity and raise HR’s profile as a true strategic partner:
• Support for the full spectrum of workforce management, from HR & benefits administration to payroll, tax, and time & attendance.
• A single, integrated solution that eliminates the financial and technical pain of integrating applications and managing multiple points of accountability.
• Increased self-sufficiency for managers and employees with on-demand access to HR Payroll data, attendance records, and other routinely requested information.

ADP Workforce Now will help improve your bottom line

By integrating everything you need into one convenient system, ADP Workforce Now helps you more effectively manage HR-related expenses and make smarter decisions for maintaining the health of your bottom line:

• Control labor costs by better managing employee scheduling and paid time off.
• Battle the rising costs of healthcare with payment reconciliation tools and detailed reporting.
• Leverage information-rich reporting to help you evaluate and plan workforce strategies.

ADP Workforce Now will help you stay out of trouble*

ADP’s flexible support system helps make it easy to stay current and minimize risk:

• Improve the accuracy and timeliness of federal, state and local tax payments with comprehensive payroll tax management, state unemployment insurance administration, and time collection and calculation tools.
• Manage employee separations more effectively, from leave tracking to COBRA processing.
• Gain greater control over the content and timeliness of information distributed to your workers, including the most current company policies.

ADP Workforce Now will help you find, grow, and keep great people

Think of ADP Workforce Now as a powerful lever — one that can help you shift the administrative burden and focus instead on your employees:

• Recruitment and selection services to help your managers make smarter hiring decisions.
• Innovative talent and performance management tools that empower your managers to focus on employee development and cultivating effective teams.
• Systems that help ensure your compensation, merit increases and other incentives are equitable, and that they align with the performance of all levels of employees.

Why ADP Workforce Now?

One service experience

ADP Workforce Now provides a seamless client service experience with a single, toll-free number for all inquiries. Whether you are calling about HR, benefits administration, payroll, time and attendance, reporting, systems and application issues, or other specialized ADP products like FSA and COBRA Services – knowledgeable and courteous representatives will be there to answer your questions.

One access point for all tools and services

At the heart of the ADP Workforce Now solution is a world-class, integrated technology platform that presents a single, comprehensive user experience and provides the tools you need to manage your workforce.

One partner to coordinate it all

Since 1949, ADP has helped over 570,000 organizations by being the world’s most reliable and trusted workforce management business partner. ADP is committed to servicing the needs of employers — from recruitment to retirement — allowing them to focus on what they do best.

Through its proven expertise, ADP enables organizations of all sizes, in every industry, to manage payroll, tax, HR, benefits administration, and time and attendance with solutions that help you to maintain regulatory compliance and control costs.

*ADP does not give legal advice as part of its Workforce Now Offering. While every effort is made to provide current information, the law changes regularly and laws may vary depending on the state or municipality. Workforce Now is not a substitute for legal advice or your professional judgment. You should review applicable law in your jurisdiction and consult experienced counsel for legal advice. ADP Vendor Interview