ADP Vendor Interview

Vendor Product Name: ADP Workforce Now
Interviewee Name: Rich O’Hanna
Position: Vice President Marketing Product Management
Years with Company: 27
Date: 10/5/09 Questions

1. What features, options, or services make ADP Workforce Now unique within the HRIS software industry?

What makes this solution unique is that it is a fully integrated HR & Benefits, Payroll and Time & Attendance solution. In addition, there is one service experience regardless if your inquiry is about HR, benefits administration , payroll, time & attendance, reporting or systems/application issues.

2. Why do you believe your clients most often select ADP over other HRIS or HRMS systems?

Clients select us because we provide a one-stop shop for technology & service. They desire an integrated experience with robust HR, benefits administration, payroll and time and attendance, and that is what we provide with ADP Workforce Now.

3. Describe a recent client who purchased ADP  and define the benefits and advantages your company was able to provide.

We have a client was looking for a robust integrated solution from a single vendor at a reasonable price. They didn’t want to have different systems for HR, benefits, and payroll.  They wanted a single sign-on experience for administrators, managers and employees. ADP Workforce Now was able to meet all their needs because we provided a one-stop shop solution with a single sign-on experience, and a robust, integrated platform with employee and manager self service.  ADP Workforce Now enabled them to spend more time focusing on what matters most - their business, their employees and their bottom line - not managing multiple vendor relationships.

4. What purchase options do you offer?

We offer a per employee pay-as-you-go model.

5. What type of training and implementation services do you offer?

We offer both comprehensive class room and virtual training sessions.

6. Describe a prospective client who is an ideal fit for ADP Workforce Now.

An ideal fit for this solution is a mid-sized company that wants to focus on what matters most to their organization -- their business, their employees and their bottom line.  ADP Workforce Now is ideal for organizations seeking a single-source, integrated experience including a robust HR, benefits administration, payroll and time and attendance solution.

ADP Workforce Now helps employers create an online information self-service environment for payroll, HR and benefits, and time and attendance management – without a requirement to invest in hardware, upgrades, or IT support.  Moreover, it provides a single point of access to the information that an organization, its managers, and its employees need.  By integrating everything into one convenient system, ADP Workforce Now helps companies more effectively manage HR-related expenses and make smarter decisions for maintaining the health of their bottom line.

7. Based on # of employees, what is the target market for ADP Workforce Now?

50-999 employees

8. Are there industries ADP Workforce Now is best suited for?

All industries are a fit for ADP Workforce Now.

9. What are the future development plans for ADP Workforce Now?

We will continue to improve on this solution by adding to the breadth and depth of its capabilities.

10. What are the biggest changes you have seen in the HRIS/HRMS software industry in the past five years?

There is a growing demand for a  robust, affordable HR solution for companies in the mid-sized market space.

11. What changes do you expect for the HR software industry in the next five years?

There will be a blurring of the lines between software and service. I also expect innovative outsourcing options to make it possible for companies to manage their HR in new and exciting ways.

12. What advice would you offer to someone who is just beginning their search for an HRIS/HRMS software application?

Make sure the solution you choose provides the single, unified client experience so that you can focus on what matters most -- your employees and your business.  Managing multiple vendor relationships, technical integrations and service relationships adds unnecessary complexity for mid-sized HR organizations.  A one-stop shop approach can improve your return on investment, accelerate time to market and enhance your service experience.

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