A Review of Popular Software Recruiting Programs

Article Summary - I picked up this recruiting software program review article on Ezinearticles.com. Not a lot of substance with this one but it does provide a very brief overview of three of the industry's recruiting software programs. This is a slight diversion from our typical HR software related discussions but anyone in Human Resources knows that recruiting is critical to HR success.

There are a number of well-established and respected recruiting software programs. They share several features, but they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. The following recruiting software reviews explain some of the attributes of three major recruiting software programs.

Hiringsoftware.com has a recruiting software program that is one of the best available. It is easy to use, compatible with major computer programs like Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Outlook, and is affordable for businesses of any size. Hiringsoftware.com’s program, called “The Recruiter,” has more functions than many types of recruiting software, including the ability to create and maintain a “job openings” portion of a companies website, an applicant database, a correspondence recorder that keeps track of the company’s responses to particular applicants and even includes customizable form letters to send to applicants, and can track the costs associated with recruiting.

Encore Search Management Software, made by Cluen, has been a top name in recruiting software for almost 15 years. Over time, the program has been updated and renovated in order to stay competitive. Encore Recruiting Software is easily adaptable to any type of recruiting needs. One of the major advantages of Encore is its ability to build an extensive database that contains thorough information about job openings and all of the applicants considered for each one. Encore is compatible with a number of other software programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and Adobe Acrobat.

Hire.net Employment System is one of the best Internet recruiters. Companies that need employees post job openings and the requirements candidates must meet to be considered. Job searchers can post their resumes and browse the job openings. Once job searchers find what they are looking for, they can apply online, submit their resumes, and take any necessary aptitude tests online.

These recruiting software reviews give a good idea of the differences between the programs. Each program can be perfect for different businesses.

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