Plan your recruitment- Hire the right man

Plan your recruitment- Hire the right man
   Have you ever regretted hiring the wrong man for a job because you were in so much of a hurry to get someone hired? Most Small Businesses are run without either the support of a Human Resource department or without sufficient amount of planning in hiring the right candidate for an important job opening. Although time is a precious instrument in running a business, some of it needs to be spent planning out the employment process to get the person right for the job. There are various ways to boost your process of recruitment. Some are mentioned below:
1>In media: Newspapers, radio and Television are some of the media sources of advertisement which are widely used but sometimes, underestimated as to their ability to land you your best man. For a Small business, a small ad in the most circulated newspaper or magazine could prove very effective as it would attract candidates who are actually seeking a job. The ad ought to mention the organization and the position being offered and making sure that if the business is looking for something more specific, it is apparent in the ad. This mode of advertisement enables you to indicate the nature of the job and the criteria according to which candidates can apply.

2>In educational institutions and colleges: This may seem extremely time-consuming and a hefty and cumbersome process but visiting institutions and looking for fresh graudates is one of the ways of advertising for a job vacancy in your organization. Fresh Graduates prove to be excellent managerial and technical employees.. They are eager to work and even more eager to learn. 

     Hire a recruiter: A lot of businesses consider hiring a third party (an agency or a recruiter) useless and expensive. They would rather do it themselves. However, hiring a recruiter could go a long way if you have a number of job vacancies in your organization and all of them or most in different departments; on top of which you have only few in your human resource department to handle these recruitments in a timely manner. Recruiters are professionals who go through a stringent employment process in search of your man. They gather applicants, shortlist, conduct a series of interviews and use other evaluative measures like tests and/or discussion sessions to guarantee the optimum outcome. 

    Buy an online recruiting software: Such softwares come under Talent Management softwares which are basically responsible for developing and engaging people in an organization. Application tracking systems however are doing exactly what the name implies. They provide a career site of sorts to you so you could post job vacancies and consequently, interested applicants from all over the world can apply. The systems tracks these applications for you, saves them, organizes them according to your criteria. Such systems are even better than adveristements on newspapers because these softwares do more than advertising... They give you a mode of communication with your applicants and a business can conduct online interviews. The features may differ for different ATS' but they work as possible subsitutes for recruiters; specially if a business does not want a third party involvement in their employment process. For more information on Application Tracking system, visit <a href="">applicant tracking system</a> and take a demo to get familiar with the system's features. 


    1>Employee Referrals- These are just another way of getting your word across- letting the world know your business needs more employees. Your business employees could help you locate the right applicants through their sources. This is only effective because your employees know the business in and out and they would understand what kind of applicants are their employers looking forward to meeting. 

    2> Walk-ins- An advertisement could denote that the organization would like the applicants to walk-in, submit resumes and give interviews. This could prove to be a messy situation if a lot of people show up and most, not fit to the job. However, this could even be a smart public relations move as word of mouth carries could do wonders too- the applicants are bound to run into fellow job seekers..

Attracting a wider range of candidates is key for most businesses but at the same, the business should ensure that the better applicant does not get lost under the mountain of applicant letters, applications and resumes.. To do so, a recruiter or an application tracking system would prove sufficient and safe.
Author info-- Pen name: HDot