6 HR Tech Tools to Wrap Up Holiday Hiring

6 tech toolsIt’s the most hectic time of the year for retailers and shipping companies. Shopping season is upon us, and businesses need all hands on deck – plus an army of seasonal workers – to handle the demand. But holiday hiring isn’t as easy as it used to be. There are more open positions this year than available workers to fill them, and candidates have their pick of jobs to earn more cash this season. 

So how can you hire the workers you need to make it through Black Friday and the holiday shopping season? Along with assertive recruitment marketing and a great candidate experience, your HR technology can give you a competitive edge. Let’s take a look at 6 tools you can use to fill your open positions and prepare for a successful holiday season.

  1. Integrated ATS
    With an integrated ATS, you can track all of your job openings, posts, and applicants in one place, publish your posts to job boards and social media, and match resumes to positions as they come in. You can also initiate background screenings and store resumes without having to ask for information a second time. But the really useful part of integrating your ATS with your HRIS is that once you hire a candidate, you can transition them directly into your workforce database and launch the onboarding process with no extra data entry.

  2. Mobile apps
    More than half of candidates use mobile phones or tablets to search for jobs, and in some industries that number jumps to 80%. Mobile recruiting apps make it easy for these candidates to find you, and they create a seamless candidate experience. Using the app, candidates can apply for a job directly from their mobile device, and with some apps they can also send and receive messages, view application updates, and browse job recommendations.

  3. Connected Job Boards
    Connecting your recruitment software with job boards makes it easy to publish multiple new job postings all at once. No more wasting time publishing to each job board separately; instead, you can create one job posting and publish it to hundreds of job boards with a single click.

  4. Online Scheduling Calendar
    In addition to hiring new workers for the holidays, you may be able to cover additional shifts by tapping into your current workforce. Employees may be looking to pick up extra shifts to earn holiday cash, so make it easy for them by using an online scheduling calendar. With the calendar, your team members can see which shifts are open and sign up for them online or via their mobile device. Easy for them, easy for you.

  5. Gig-Friendly Time Tracking 
    You may also want to cover additional work with gig workers or freelancers. You can tap into non-traditional workers for things like graphic design, copywriting, project management, driving, and much more, but you need a good way to track hours and monitor productivity. You can use a standalone app like Harvest or Toggl, but you may also have access to time management tools in your HR software. Look for one that is user-friendly and gives you the flexibility you need, whether that’s simple clock-in/clock-out functionality or more robust capabilities like tracking multiple locations, projects, and rates.

  6. Branding Capabilities
    This one may not technically be a tool itself, but it's an important feature of the tools you choose. Branding affects candidate perceptions of your company and it can set the right tone for ensuring a good cultural fit. Some tools allow you to add your logo and colors, while others give you a much broader range of branding options such as uploading images, customizing field labels, and using your own copy throughout the tool. If you have a distinctive brand voice, it may be worth investing in a tool that allows you to maintain that voice throughout your application and onboarding process. 

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