Introduction to HR Metrics

Introduction to HR MetricsModern HR is all about the numbers. According to one industry report, 56 percent of people teams hope to incorporate more data in their processes in 2018—a 10 percent jump from last year.

Feel left behind? You’re not alone. While the HR profession is over a century old, its embrace of data science is a new phenomenon. As recently as 2017, nearly all companies admitted to having difficulty gleaning meaningful insights from their people data, and 60 percent of HR professionals say they’d have a hard time communicating even basic metrics like turnover to their CEO.

We can change that. In this guide we’ll outline six basic HR metrics that can be analyzed through HR analytics software like Namely, all in layman’s terms. We’ll provide you with sample formulas and actionable advice that you can use to launch your next data initiative and more effectively discuss metrics with the C-Suite. Dust o those calculators—it’s time to get started.



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