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"Selecting HR software is not easy. After selling HR systems for 15 years I saw firsthand exactly how tough this process can be. This is why I created and this tool."

Benefits of Completing HRIS Selection Tool

  • Upon completion view scored list of products providing the closest match to your needs.
  • Learn the capabilities of today’s leading HRIS and HRMS systems
  • Determine your needs by weighting importance of each feature or option
  • View Detailed Comparison Screens
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Selecting Required eliminates all products not meeting that requirement from final results. Weight importance of each feature or option from one to ten with ten being the highest.

* = required.

Company Information

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Employee Self Service

Do you need Employee Self Service (ESS)?

NOTE - Employee Self Service applications allow employees, managers and company officers to view and make changes to specific employee related information online.

    Yes    No    Weight: 


Will you Require Benefits Open Enrollment?

Note – This feature allows for an automated process where Employees can enroll for benefits online.

    Yes    No    Weight: 
Will you need Interfaces between your HRIS/HRMS Application and your Benefit Carriers?
    Yes    No    Weight: 
Will you want to provide employees with Total Compensation Benefit Statements?
    Yes    No    Weight: 

Performance Management

Do you need to track Employee Reviews and due dates?

Note - All of our HRIS vendors offer this capablity. If you are looking for greater Performance Management capabilities select yes to next question.

    Yes    No    Weight: 
Are you looking for Online Performance Management?

Note - Online Performance Management applications allow organizations to automate the review process.

    Yes    No    Weight: 


Are you looking for Recruiting Capabilities?
    Yes    No    Weight: 

Training Management

Are you looking to only track dates that employees took classes and when they are next due?

Note - Most HRIS providers provide the tracking of this basic data. If you are looking for more training management capabilities select yes on next question.

    Yes    No    Weight: 
Are you looking for a total Training Management system?

NOTE - Most HR applications offer the ability to track when an employee has taken a class and when classes need to be retaken. Training management applications offer far more comprehensive training capabilities

    Yes    No    Weight: 


Are you looking for a vendor that provides payroll?

Note - Many HRIS vendors offer integrated Payroll systems. Those that don't may partner with third parties to offer payroll or provide bidirectional interfaces to popular payroll services or providers such as ADP or Paychex.

    Yes    No    Weight: 
Do you need an interface between your existing payroll system and your HRIS application?

    Yes    No    Weight: