A: HRIS = Human Resource Information System

A: A Human Resource Information System is an HR database application used to track information pertaining to your employees and applicants. Take all the information in a paper employee file, store it in an HR database, provide reporting capability on the information, and you have a basic HRIS. This might include some or all of the following capabilities: Applicant Tracking, Employee Information, Benefits Administration, Benefits Online Enrollment, Employee Training Records, Employee Self Service, Manager Self Service, Performance Reviews and Compensation, Reporting, Payroll, Position Control, Government Compliance Issues, and Time and Attendance.

A: Officially, no; but over fifteen years, we have reviewed many of the systems and a number of our vendors have allowed us the opportunity to review their products. If you have questions regarding any of our listed systems, please contact us.

A: Any organization that needs to keep track of a larger number of employees than they can handle with paper records or spreadsheets, may be in need of a HR software application. We typically say, companies with greater than fifty active employees probably need to at least start looking into what is available within the HR software market.

A: Webpedia.com defines HRIS as a system used by human resources departments to track employees and information about them. An HRIS is often a database system or a series of inter-related databases. Webpedia.com defines an HRMS as a software application that combines many human resources functions, including benefits administration, payroll, recruiting and training, and performance analysis and review into one package. So according to these definitions, HRMS software is more comprehensive than HRIS software. We would love to accept this but, in reality, there are at least a dozen HRIS applications that contain all of the features listed in the HRMS application. So we view the two as one in the same. We know of one HRIS vendor who changed the name of their system to an HRMS. It’s important to note that they only changed the name not the functionality. They simply believed the perception was that HRMS systems were more comprehensive than HRIS applications.

A: Asking that question is like asking how much does a house cost. The prices of HRIS applications can vary tremendously. HR systems for Fortune 500 companies can run in the tens of millions of dollars and above. On the other end of the curve, there are HR and Payroll applications that can cost less than a thousand dollars. The cost will usually come down to the platform the system is running on, the number of employees you are tracking, and the features you select. Some HR software vendors offer services where they host your data on the web for so much per employee per month. The bottom line is there are many HR applications available on the market for pretty much any budget range.

A: If you are too detailed with your HR software needs criteria, this may happen. This is because not one system listed will offer 100% of the features included in the selection tool. Try running the selection tool again but this time make sure to not mark every option required. Please contact us if you continue to have issues with the selection tool or any part of our site.

A: Currently, we have only HRIS or HRMS applications on our site. In the future, we will consider adding Performance Management and Recruiting modules.

A: Human Resource Management System or Solution.

A: Many of our software vendors have pricing structures that are more complex than a short statement can convey. If you are interested in the pricing for any of the HR systems on our site, request an HRIS demo and they will contact you directly.

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A: No; but if you go to our Products page and filter by payroll, you will quickly see which systems do.

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