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Global Human Capital Management
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Interact HRMS, developed by 2Interact, Inc., is a new generation Rich Internet Application (RIA) which provides a full range of comprehensive software solutions in support of global HR, Payroll, Time, Talent, Risk and Benefits management on a single platform designed to run through a browser only.  Interact HRMS solutions are deployed in 35 countries and consist of 70 modules which manage all aspects of the employee life cycle from "hire to retire", these modules include, but are not limited to:

Compensation and payroll management Off boarding management
Job classification Risk management
Recruitment management & applicant tracking (ATS) Succession and career planning
Position budgeting & control Benefits management and compliance modules
Employment and hiring Competency management & performance management
Leave management Training management & training evaluation
Attendance tracking with biometric clocks and 24/7 shift scheduling                         Powerful self service for employees, managers, department heads, applicants, clients and recruiters
Onboarding & probationary period management Other HR business processes

With seamless integration to the main commercially available ERP applications, our products are entirely web-native, which allows users to access all functionality through a browser using self-service.  Interact HRMS offers global, flexible, enterprise-level solutions which are uniquely easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy. 

Integrated HRMS Solutions

With an emphasis on flexibility and international best practices, Interact HRMS provides a new user experience and takes full advantage of the power of self-service through a sophisticated workflow-engine which ensures that any HR Action is processed by the right person within the right timeframe based on configurable escalation rules.

Whether you are a large organization operating nation-wide or whether you have international offices for which you would like to manage HR and even payroll, you now can use one and the same solution by implementing Interact HRMS.

Interact HRMS is a unique solution in the global market of HRIS applications for a number of important reasons:

Original Developer.
 All the software offered by 2Interact is originally developed and owned by 2Interact, which means support will be guaranteed and there is no risk of incompatibility of versions or modules due to other software vendors' plans.  2Interact is in control of the entire solution, even the hardware using biometric devices.  The software industry is full of companies who grew by acquisition and offer a clutter of unrelated products as if they were one solution.  2Interact is one of the few who developed everything themselves.

Global Design.  All products of Interact HRMS are designed to support international functionality and are not specific to any particular country.  All functionality is configurable and payroll and tax rules are policy based and parameter driven.  Everything is available with full support for multi-currency and multi-language.  Interact HRMS is already implemented in more than 35 countries and will continue to extend its support for other countries through its alliance with implementation partners around the world.

Seamless Integration.  2Interact develops all of its products themselves, all modules are seamlessly integrated by original design and there is no need for separate 'interfaces' to be developed.

Shared Foundation.  All functions in Interact HRMS work with the same underlying logic, same look and feel, same intuitive processes and share workflow, alerts, reporting, self-service, HR actions and of course the actual employee database, there's only one place to login to access everything a user needs to know.

Cloud or On Premise.  Interact HRMS solutions are designed for Cloud or On-Premise deployment and are 100% pure internet applications.  If ever a Cloud client decides to want to take the software and database in-house this can be done by switching to an On-Premise model, which is unique in the world of HRIS software providers.

Ease of Use.  Interact HRMS is designed to provide enterprise functionality that remains easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy and easy-to-learn because of the consistent user interface and the high regard for best practices in the design of all the modules.

Customizability.  If there are any unique requirements a client has, 2Interact can provide customization (at a very competitive cost) as long as the features can be provided as generic new functionality that can be included in the general build of the product so the client does not have a unique version of the software but all clients use the same product.

Powerful Business Intelligence.  Collecting massive amounts of data is not going to assist leadership in making informed decisions unless this information is available when required and in the format in which it is needed.

Interact HRMS ships with more than 700 standard reports, each of which has countless context-specific filters, can be exported to PDF, Excel and Word and is subject to all standard security and access rights already defined for the various user groups so that specific users can only obtain reports for the data sets & functionality for which they have been authorized access.  In addition, Interact HRMS has more than 100 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) available out of the box on the KPI Dashboard for display in charts and graphs.